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Make Your Holiday Purchases Direct From Headquarters

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THE CREAT CASH DRY COODS HOUSE OF ARE ACTIVELY ENCACED IN THE HOLIDAY BUSINESS. BARGAINS INNUMERABLE. We cxteml to the public a general Invitnlion to visll our cKlablixtinicnt Int ui u llic nest twenlj ilayu, promUIng unimial and extraordlnary novcllle al uiiiictioiuibly reiMMMt irlce. -. III lin.l a partlcularly line line or presenl for gentlemen ; üenllcmcii a -liarming niulcimi ttaorelB. Inranls youth, all hïi Hl lin.l woinc liiviting oods Tor tlie mlnd wllliln rcach. PARTICULARLY WORTHY OF NOTE. Slik Ilandkerchlefs In eomblnatlon cntirel) ncw, a wlde range of sl Ie and price; Fine Unen, very shecn and dcllcately cinbroidcred llaiidkcrcliier; Fine IlcinxtiUlicd, iiiilimiicd qimnHj.iii all prlees. An taMMMMM tock of Imilar ihmU all purehaoed wilh rel'ereuce lo the huliday NOVELTIES WE HAPPEN TO SEE. Elegant Ifaiidkcrchlef and Kid Glovc Boxe, large variely of Japanese Ware, MMMU or Eard Trayn, BrackctM, Maleli Boie, llai h Safes -apkin Kingf, love Boic, CabiiiclN, Mpool II, -v Forll'olios Thinible llol.l. i. Wall Hoekelx. l'riimb BrwfeM, Baile, Ulelal ICi uli . Ilair Bruwhct, nirron, alxo a inagnillcent dixplay of Shell laict, fr.h trom tke ocian. Tfeeac ood are very deMrublc and mui bc seen to be appreciated. EXAMINE EARLY AND AVOID THE RUSH. Toomany Drcs Gondn, too inauj Silkw, eolorcd and blaek ; loo inany Satíii, loo maiiy Vclvel, too niaiij IrliiK-o and Glmpx, loo niany liul. loo maiiy Dolmans cospel n lo make prlec Inat wlll move them. Too niany Clolhci. The eutire Koiidlielm Moek ¦¦ n-t be elosed by Jaimary Int. So, ir In nced of a ncw uit of elotbs or an ovcreoat, do nol ponder and walt bul come and we wlll show YOU, t'ONVINCE YOU, ye, and M:i.l. ÏOI'. Don'! buy a dollar! worlli of Iry Cioodn uirtll you see our good and prieex. One tlilng jou may rel iisMired of, we wlll never kiiiiwiinlj mlMrepretient our smi or our prlecs, and we wlll never adveriiso anyiliins we eaa'l back up. I nlruthrul adverllserN will eerlalnly come lo grief. We deal exelusively In good goods and nol Irasli. Ainong our daily arrlvali, froin now muil ulier Jaimary ii. oretaall atoes before our cuwtomers ome bargain that are poitilively beyond the wliiwper of eompetiiioii, eomparlon, or monopoly ; prlces mai wlll leaeh you (liv tlfToronce botween the cash and eredit systcin, bctween tlie right and wrong wa . CASH .,., DRY aOODS HOUSE.


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