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Comniissioners' Xotlce. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw,. The underslgncd liiiviutr been appolnted by the Probate Court for said County. Commlíoioners lo re0 iv. . examino and ailjust all claim and demanda uf all persons ajralnst the estnie of Anthony Kreeman,late of ,-aid countv, deoeaned, bereby gWc notlce ihnt six moiitha fnim date nri' llowed, by order of aid l'robniu Conrt, for creditore to present their claim ¦galaat tb eetnte of snid deceased, and that they wlll ini.'t it the oflice of the Judge of Probate 1 the city of Ann Arbor, In said county, on Thursday, the third day of February, nd on Tueeday, the thlrd day of May next, at ten o'clock A. M. of each of said days, to rocelve, examine and adjusl -nul claim. Dated, November Srd, 1880. BYKON GBKBN, trnmmlMiiontr. 1U12-15 LKWISC. R1SUON. fComln'''"Or!L Ciiancery Notice. STATE OF MICIIIOAN. The Circuit Coort for Uta l'ounty of Washtenaw. Id Chancery. Snit pendine In tho Circuit Court for the County of Waahtonaw ín Chancery at Ann Arbor, on the 4lh day of IkceniInT, A. U. 188Ü. Jarneha P. Noble, complalnnnt, auainxt Alomo D, DavlB and Jane A. DavU, ilefendant. Itappearlnu upini proof by nfflüavit that tho difeudant, AIoueo 1). Dsvil nd Jane A. Duvie, are non-reuldent of Hm Sute oi Michienu und are reuldeuts of the SUte if Vermont ; thercfore, on motion of Tracy W. Koot, holicitor lor aid couiplalnant, it 1 ordired that snli (lelendaiitB appear and amwer the bill of complalnt lu thi cause within thtee month trom the dale of thi order, and that thi order be published once io each week for lx wei k in ucceloB in thi' Ann Arbor Codkikii, u iiewpper publlfhed in snid county, nd that the flret publlcation thereol br witlim twi'iiiï dnya Irom the d.ite of thi order and th:it nch publicatlon hnll uot be neceary 1 caie a copy of thi order be oerved on sald deiend_ nnt. at leai.t twenty day boiore the time precrlbed thereiu for the mmuuriuire ol id diUndaut. JAMES McMAHON, Circuit CttBTt l'ommlHKloiier in and for the CountT of kV:ihti'iuiw, state of Michigan. nun W. Koot, öolicllor lor i oniplRinauU Al É f I ilueliug tho IU...I ,,rollubltbu.lw Ib.l UTO' ' 1 1 1 1 t[in In. The Lualnc II oUJ Io lrl. ud ' I I I luíJíclloo. .re . lmpl. J pl. ' { I I i"" nk' "¦'! ,rinu rrum tkc erj OTl. Ho on ,11 I i.iul. I. wUllilowoU. Wi. r. M ¦ f f ¦ I ¦ octul men. lluj. nJ slrl co trn brf ¦¦" T M. V K.iv at lb. l.njn.u 0r okdr4 dull.n In iDfta "wrek. Nutklui UK It I '!_J2i bo w .r. .uriirlJ tl im ni rtpMIl?. y".g Jurlo, t iimro time .t , r.t pront You do t b... u l' o.plu" lu It. W uke .11 ,b ri.. Th wb. rail ntij o7 .houMwrlu m.tooo.. All furuUked U-. Idür. T.i.11 Cu. iuju.u, M.ln.. ""M


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