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Cliancery Notlco. STATE OF MICHIGAN- The Twentysecond Judicial Circuit- In ('hancery. Sult pending in the Circuit Court for the County of Wasbtenaw - In i'hunccry, at Aim Arbor, Mtch., un November Hth A. D. 1880. Virginia W. Barlelgh, complalnant, against David Henniog and John L. Burletgb, defendants. It appearing upon prooi by aflldavit oí .1. O. Knowlton that the delendant, John L Burleleb, le a non-resident "f this state, thereforo, on motlon of Sawyer t, Knowlton, sollcltors for satd compltitnant, it is otdered that said defandant, John L. Burieigh, appear and answer the bill of complaint in this cause wiüi in thrvc roonths from the date of this order and that this order be publithcd once in each week for six weeks in succession in the As Arbob Cocriib. a uewspftper published in eaid coanty, and that the flret puhlicatlon thercof be wllhin t weuty days from the date of sald order ,and that publication hall not be necessary in case a copy of this order be eerved on flaid dcfendants at least twenty days before the time prescribed therein for the appearance of aaid delendMit. JAMKS MoMAHON. Circuit Court Commtssloner in and for Washtenaw Count , Mlch. SaWÏKB & KnOWI.TOK. Solicltors fur Cuniplamaut. 101Ï-1S Estáte or John Hali. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County uf Washtenaw ,ss At a sesnion of the Probate Court for the County o! Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office. In the city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the lKth day ol Novem ber, in the year onc'thourtand eigLt hundred and e irlity. Present, Willlitm li. Ilarrlinan Judge of Probate. In t be matter of the estáte of John Hall, deceased. Ou n-KcliiiL' and flllng the petition, duly verifled, of r.m'ii.c Hall, wldow of deceased, praying that her dower in ttic real state, whereof aaid deceaed dled -eletl, may te aümeasurcd and asMííncrt to her and ti tlmt end that commis-loners may be appolotel and required to set olí said dower. Thereiipon It is ordered, that Tuesday, the foiirteeiitn dny of December next, al ten o'clock In the forenoon, be asalgned for tbc hearing of said petiuou, and that Ihchciisat law of said deceased and all other perrons interested in said estuti, are rcqulrcd to appear at a espión of said eourt, then to ue holden at tbe Probate Olflce, In the city ol Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petltioner ehonld not be grnnti'd. And ft ia fnrther ordered, that said petltioner give notie. to the pernons interested ia said estáte, of the pendency or said petliion, and the hearing thereof, by cauxing a copy of this order to be pnbllabed in the A in, Arbor Courier, a newepaper prlnted and circu lailni; in said county, ihree sucecssive weeks previous to said dny of hearing. (A truc copy.) WILLIAM D. HARUIMAN, Judgeof Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Register. 1013-16 Estáte of G. Hokoinb. QTATB OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtouaw. ss. At a scsslon of tho Probate Court for the County ol Washtentiw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the twenty-second day óf November, in the year ouo thousaud eigbt bundred &nd elghty. Present, Wllliam l), Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Uorace O. Hilcomb, deceased. John S. Nowland, adminlninitor of the last will and testament of said deceased, coinés iuto court and representa that ho Is now prepared to reuder his final account as such admlulstrator. Tharaopoa It Is ordered, that Saturday, the Hth day of D'-cember next, at ten o'clock in the torv noon, bc nsslgned for examiuing and nllowing such account, and that the helrs at law of said decenced, and all other persons Interested In said estáte, are re qnlrod to appear at a sesslonof naid court,then to bc holdeu at the Probate Office, In the city of Ann Arbor, In said county, and show cause, if any there be, why the said account should notbe allowed. And It is furiher ordered, that said admini? trator give uotice to the penon interosted in said said estáte, of the pen dency of said account, and tbe hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be publTshed in the Ann Arbor Cottrier, a newsyaperprinted and clrcnlated In said county, two snecessive week previous to said day of hearing. ( A t rué copy.) WILLIAM D. HAKKIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. G. DOTY. Probate Register. 1UH-15 Estáte of Edwrd Reere. QTATB OF MICHIOAN, Coanty or Washtenaw, ss. At a sesslon of the Probate Court for the Coanty of Washtanaw. holden at the Probate Office, le the city of Aun Arhor, on Wcdncsday, the 17ih day of Novemln-r in the year one thouaand elght hundred and sjgfcty. Present, Wllliam D. Harriman, Judge of I'robate. In the matter of the estáte of Edward Heeve, doceased. On reaxling and flllug the petition, daly verifled, of Adelle J. Reevo, praying that administraUon de linnif non of sald eatate may be grantad to berself or some other suftable person imd that the fliiul account and decree ol axnlgunjeut liiretofore fllcd in said coart may bc corrected. Thereupon it is ordered, that Mouday, the l.ith day of Dueemlier next, at ten o'ckick in the iorenoon, be assigued for the hearing of said petiliou. and that the helrs at law of sald deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are re(]uired to appear at a session of eaid court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city or Ann Arbor, and ehow cause, lf any there be, why Die prayer of the petitiouer should nut be granted. And it is further ordered, that sald peiltloner give notice to the persons Interested In sald estáte, of the pendency ol said petition, and tbe hearing tliereof, hy rausing a copy of this order to be publtshed in the Ann Arbor (TouHer, a ncwspaper prlnted and circulating in sald county, tbree successlve weuks previuus to sald day or hearing, (A truc copy.) WII.I.IAM D. HARRIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. U DOTY, l'ri.lmte Ketlster. lomillo


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