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I KIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1880. OIu'MB mul Opening ¦ Hall. Mails leavlng Auu Arlmr, Kust mul Wi-Ht, wlll close aa follows: GOINO WKST. riirouKli and Way Muil 10:50 a, ra. Vnv Hall Ix'twion Aun Arbor and jiuksoii 1:50 p.ra. Nlglit Muil '.';00 p. na. OOINO KART. Throuuh and Wl' Muil, Nlght Llne,6:0C a. m. Throiifjii and Waf Mail, dunday and Mun.iuy, oioeei bainrday and 8uu,li nlglit 9:00 p. m. Tbrougli mul W;iy Muil 10:25 u. m., i:W p. ni. B sorrll. Vpsllaild mul Buiikvr'H Poucli 7:00 a. m. TultHloand Wny ll:loa. m. Kiutier MailK dUtrlbntod at 6 a. m., 12 in. :iiul i '¦¦'¦' 1'. '" Wosteru Mali illbtrlbutoa at Sa. in. and 6:20 jakn Mali and Way Mali between Jacksou ft"l Aim Ai hor dUtnbuted at 11:15 a. in. Ifonroe and A.drlaji poaoh, 10:15 a. m. Tl" mail to Wlillmoro Lake, Hamburg and Webstar leavea Tuemlnys, Thursdaya audSatnrday at 9 a. in. Travclera' Gulde Trftlns arrlve aud depart froin the Mlcnlgan neutral Depot lu thl city hh follows: TKAINS EAST. Atlnntlo Kxpress 2.05a. ra. Ulgbt Expres 6.ï5a. m. Kalai:"'" Aooommodatlon 8.40 a. m. UrauJ Kiipids Expres 10.35 a. m. Day 5.07 p. m. Mail 5.ip.m. TKAI!8 WB8T. Mail 8.40 a. m. Day Express 11.00a. m. Qreml Itapld Kxpross 5.22 p. m. Jacksou Kxpres 7.35 p. m. Eveni K Kxpress 10.00 p. m. Paclflc Express 11.17 p. m. Looftl Passenger 5.18 a. m. All traías are run by Chicago time, wlilch U flruwu miuuten slower thuu Anu Arbor time. Hriemt- of TU' CiHiriiT. who have busiiK-MH at the l'robate Conrt. wlll plenor rcnuc-it ,lulic Iliirrimiin to ruil llii'ir Prlutliiü to tliiH ullii'.'.


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