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The class in qualitative analysis passcd thcir final examination Tuesday. This evening the Beta Theta Pi quartette aro to give a concert at Graas Luke. llemember the hop this evening at the state street hall, for the benefit of tho atliletic assooiation. The laws have decided to invite ex-Vice President Colfax to deliver the annual address on the 22d day of February, next. Wednesday, Dec. 17th, the university will close for tho holidays, cxercises not being again resumed until Jaouary 4th. Mr. Miller has been appointed as quizmaster of materia medica for the junior and freshman classes during the absence of Mr. Polhemus. Dr. D. N. DeTarr, class of '78, has been appointed to a position as zoologist, in the employ of the state of New York, and is to remove to Albaoy. Chas. E. McKinneyi law '81, recently a resident of Detroit, but now of Minnesota, is to be married Monday, Dec. löth, to Miss Allic A. Waterman, of Coldwater. Very niany of our citizens who have student rooniers would gladly favor the erection of a gymnasium if it would keep th boys frotn making a gymnasium of their rooms as they frequently do now. The laboratory was visited by the members of the Pomological society last Tuesday, who evinced great interest in the work of the students, a few of them exhibiting genuioe Yankee curiosity in quizzing sonie of the students who were at work. The next entertainment in the student's couree will be a lecture upon " Alexander Hamilton," by John Clark Ridpatb, at the university hall, to-night. The lecturer will not be new to an Ann Arbor audience, and past lectures certainly lead us to believe that the effort to-night will be one which our people will be very glad to listen to. It is hoped a large audience may greet the professor. The Aan Arbor ncliool of rauslc, under the dlrection of Prof. i 'ulvlii B. Cady, Is a new lruture at the unlveretty.- Maulstee Times and Standard. A 1 i t tlo misapprehension secuis to exist in the mind of our cotemporary. The Ann Arbor school of music is an entircly separate in-titutior froni the univeraity being a private enterprise. Prof. Cady however, occupies the chair of music in tho university aside trom this school. The nutnber of studeots now in attendance upon the university just reaches the 1,500 which the Courier predicted at the opening of the session, and are divided in the different departmonts as follows ! Literary department, 505 ; medical, 372 ; law, 364 ; pharmacy, 80 ; dental, 88 ; homeopathie, 82. Thi.s is far larger than the attendance upon any similar institution in the United States. Don't look much as if our university was goingto the "deuinition bow-wows," doos it? A society, to be known as the Hahnemann, has reocntly been organized in the homeopathie depsxtinent, aixl the following ofBeers chosen: Prc-ident - Prof. T. P. Wilaon ; vice president- H. N. Chaniplin; recording secretary- Mrs. Uicks; correspondías seoretury - M. N. Avery ; treasurer - VV. J. lloward. The first public entertainment of tbe society will be held in tho ampithcatre on tho evening of Dec. 15th. A limitod number of tickets will be issued for admisión.


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