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All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze!

All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze! image
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MACK & SCHMID'S GREAT DRY GOODS SHIP Always Leads in tho Race and is Miles Ahead of all Competition. The Small Proflt System (of which this house is the sole exponent) is Bound to Win the Day. Take a Clance at a Few Samples of the Cargo : Xotloc Oiir Black and Culorcd All-Wool uhm r . doublc ii ii. 40 cení, soi.i elaewhere for 45 to 50 cení ; vcrygood qualU y 5 cents, o ld elMwhere at 75 cent ; LtipliiN extra flnc, 75 centt worth #1.00 ; Frcnch Satín Plaid, O ¦ n l v French IMai.U. 5O cents well worth O ceiitu; LiipinN All-Wool BLACK UOODS, Crapc' Imperial, Bakct and ITIomic Cloth, Irap De Alma. Koyal IVkin BLACK CASHHEBES, Slikt mué Velvct,Silk Brocado, Satin Br."' cades Pekín Strlped VelTtt at lower prlces than any Iioiikc In the eounty, ii complete awMortinent of Triinming s(ik. ai 75 eciil iiiially Nold at " eentN. All new haden of OrewN ik Tiaek A Bchmld offer at 1.10, a boller qnalit) of olorcd Ure Slik, and a miicli flner aportillen! than eau le noiiüht cNewherc forftl Iliunlome BLACK LiKOS RAI SILK, 7O cents Black,licavj,rích xilk 5 eentN. a heavy ros .ruin stik, warranted to ucar well l.OO an Elegant Slik, soft and very rlolt, at tl.ilO ; Sublime iiality, ra' perb color, very heavy, at 1.34 , 1.55, 1.75. Mack &. Schmid have added the most reliable and durable makes of Black Silkstotheiralready incomparable stock the famous Cachemire Alexandna, which is warranted not to cut or wear shiny, and is universa lly acknowledged to be the best silk ever made. Black Satin ie Lyon in din'crent Rnules, Black and Colored Slik Velvets from l.OO to 13.00 per yard, Black and Colored Satin Trom 50 cent up. i: 1 IC oit Dl it i BRG4IS on ur counter dally and II II aNtonihing ho%v thcyicll. A inoiuitain of barainü In the mornliiK will melt awnj till there II nothing left in the evening. IMaln rianneU, ffledicated Flannels Saxony 1'liiiiiM l, Knibroidered FlanneN, Opera and Plaid I luim. U Sliaker Flannelü, Cloakü, Dolman-, ShauN, Milrts, Ctvraetl lovc' Liiieii, Qiiiit, Towei, DaÉuuki. CLOSE AND JUDICIOUS BUYINC, Cash in Buying and Selling;, combined with the Small Proflt System, are bound to win the day. 967-1018


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