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The Mock ofaranite, whioh was in obstaota in 'li" p,-(i!iv;iv of the wc.ik, beoomet a sleppiiii: MOIH in llit' i'illiway of llii' stroDg Seek nul ) iniicli Id kimw diy cnemics and lïiends , lir whcre one man hal lullen liy Toot, i huodred bave boen ruined by gcgmipUnofg. The story of' human lili', wiih il Iklits aud sba.lowH, its .strcugtli and vfcakncB.s, wjll ). an iiiti'rcstiiiK story o lofg the hiiuian race t-hull endure. In all Kood tilines give tlio cyc aii'l ear ful! Kope, l'ur ilny let into the uiind ; re strain tlic tonui!, lor it is a ipender ; few men have repented of silenoe. Ifojie nevar hun any om: - oever yct interf'orred with duty; uay, tlwtyi Btragglei tu the perfunuance of duty, ivcs courage and clcars the judgnient. V halever our place allolteii t) u.s liy Providcuct, tliat, lor u, is the punt, of honor and duty. Grod estimatea uot by the poñtiOD we are ín, bttt by the way in wlneh WC lil! il Am the khadow in the e.uly tuorning, is friendfbip with the wicked ; it dwindlen, liour by huur. lint lrindabip wiili the K1 incrcase.s, like '.lic evuning ihadowi, till (lic mui of lile seis. ]( will atVonl sweeter happiness in tlic huur ol dcath U) have w i peil a way one tear l'roin one tlnek of' sorrow than to have ruled an empire, to have oonquarad milhou.- oi en.-lave'l the world. 'J'he sweete-t wine, if lef't exposed to teel on its own SWeetDOM, turns to sourest vinear ; so the beat afiectioDs, Lfturoed hack to proy upon theinsi Ivés, are ehanj;d to the hittereet liatrud. Time is like a ship nevcr anchors ; while l ani uu hoard, I had lietter do thote ihatinay prolit me at niy lanliilg than praetiee sueh thinfis :i will MuiC my coiiiii)ituienl when 1 c uie asl.oru. A wanHerer, ihdccd, and a transient (UCSt on larth ; bttt what otlhat, il' a man 18 God'a guest? All that is sorrowful is drawn o(1 when we realice OJr uunnection with !od. We are in üwl's.uouse ; the host, uot the guett, is responsible fot the bou'ökcoping. To 1 1 i 1 1 1 lliat lialh shall he given." Many l'ail Ui uodemtand the l.nv of spiritual nerease. They want the tree instead of the seed t Ih'l'Iii wilh. 'fin y want the ripe cxiierienee the vetferan soldier or saint, at the hour ofeulistinent qr conseciatjon. A line growth is always a -mail beginning.


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