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He Preferred To Walk

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Sbe'e pretty hot, ain i sbe?" said a baokwoods patfenger, tddrtssing the engineer ufa nissisMppi steamer tbal was raaos witli iDOther bokt. " So so," responded ihe enxiueer, a he hung au adcUtionul wreoch nu iliu sf'ety ralve cchpí to stop tlio -tc-uii from escap'"'¦ , i, "I rcckciii wel] uve) lakc thai crut'l .-non, pursued tbc stangw. "Tliat's abnut 11.' responded the iiinoor giving the corda ínother Iwioh, Mid liallooing iliniiiL'li die truiupet i" the fiieiii:m tu ' 1 1 v 1' her up. " One hmidivd and DÏnety fivc," Ihiiiimt'd the pasiunger, lóoking lii t i the KUatfL' hikI tlicn Kt the boilers. " Tbat'íi aluna whrrc Imj'u rUBtioatinf w [tut in the ongioecr. 'J'hon tlio paasenjrer ran hi Bnacra tlirongli h'- b.iir nerouiK', and walkcil ibmit tlio decks l'ur a lew minutes1, rhen lic cawc back to tho engincer áud ubM'i'vod : "llailn't yon bcttct Icavu that lioivt go?" "(,'au't do it. Must pas.-, her." " Uut s'iiosen' WO slumlil Mdw uj ¦.-"' ' " Well, " ooid tlio liiiKiixjei , as lic pi'iped over tlio iuaj;c to seo how last In1 was : aiuint, "il'il'sthe wil! ut 'I Ynvidoiu'i1 il this to;i t ba blo u)i Wi' il llave t( stand in. ' Then lio licMtwed l'i tlm tiiini:in t" rol! up iimilier eS9Ü nf baeon, aml t'i Hiil pleaty crt'ronn with tlie oral, and ghi lier a littlc more tiirpciitine and oil. 'Ibe noxt niouicnt Ihore was a splash in the river ; bul befbre thu yawl could le lowercd tbc man had suececded in reacliing tlio stiore and ballowed out : "Go on witb tbe raeo, 1 I'll walk. "


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