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New Marriage Ceremony

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A newly elaeteti justice of the ptiod wlio had Leen Ofled tO diawiiiK deeds and wills and little elso, raí ca'Ied upon as his first official act to niirry a couple wh uame into his office very hurriedly nd told hiiii their purpose. Ho lost tío time in retuoving his hat, iiod roiuaiked, " llats olí in the resence of' the court." AU being uncovered he said : " Ilold up your right hands. You, John Marvin, do soleuinly swear that to the bett oí' your knuwledge ao' belief you take this yer wotuan ter have an' ter hold fbr yeraelt, yer heirs, exekyeriers, aduiinistiators and assignf, for your an' thcir BIS an' behoof f'orever?" " I do," answered the groom. " You, Aliee Ewer, lake this man for yer husband, ter hev an' ter hold forever ; and you do f'urther swoar I hat you are law fully seized in fet' simple, are free from all incumbrance, and hev good rigut 10 sell, bargain and convey to the said grantee yerself, ver heirs. idmini-tratoi ani us signs?" "Ido," said the bride, rather doubtfully. " Well, Jolin that'ii bc about a dollar 'n fifty cents." "Are we raarried? " askcd ihe bride. " Yet, when tbe fee comes in." Af'er some fumblingit was produued and handed to the "coutt," who pocketed it and continup.d : " Know all men ly these uresentí, that I, beinp in good heulth and of sound and disposin' inind, in eonúderatioa of a dollar 'n' fifty cents to me in band paid, the receipt whercot is hereby acknowledged, do, and by thes-e presenta have declared you man and wileduiing izoai Ixv havior and until otherwi.-e ordereJ by tbe eourt.'


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