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There is DO use iu putting up the uiotto, "God bless our home," f' the father is a rough old bear,and the spirit of diaoourte; and rudenesa tauvht by the paren W to fhe ehildren, and liy the oidor to tlie youugcr. There is no use ia putting up a uiotto, ".The Lord will proiat," wbile the fathei is shit'tlcss, llio mother i shifilcss, the lioys refute to woik, and tlic girls bus.y tod linory. Tbere is no in ihhUmi: up the motto, " 'l'lio jrrcatcst ot' tbesp is ehariiy," wiiile tlu' tonguc of' tin: baèkbitor waga n tliat. laiui]y, and illy ;oMi i.-. dlBpCOScd at llie lea talilc. TIiltc d nu (ise ui plucing up con spiouooahr tho motto, "TIn1 liberal man deviseth liberal tbings," wluK1 the nmney ohinks in tin1 pookt:f of head ot the liuii-ihold." groaning to et out to seu tbc light of' day, and there are dollars and dtuies lor wincs and tultaeco and cl lier luxuries, hut positlvcly not one oenl for iln ohurob. lu liow niiiiiy lioiiu's are theM mottoes standing - lel usay hanfc'in - sarOtems, whieh .serve only to point a jo.-( am! adorn a .satire? TIn: beauty ol" juiot livcs of' trubtt'ul, Inipet'ul, free-basaed, f'ioebearted, eharitalilo hvos, is one ot urpawinii lovelioess, and those livcs shed ilnii own iiiL-omparalili: ftSgranCè, and the world knowa where to önd theui. And they ikkl rcïuain fresh and f' whon tlie eolort of pigment and th worsted and the floss have faded, and the frames have rotted


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