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The FoUowtng red eatate nies have been reoorded in the regiater'i office ttnoe our luist report ; Joseptl and Sarah A. lMnnclly to FeKl Donnely, property in Aro Arbor, $" ¦'¦¦ E. II. üowtuan to Daniel White, property in Manchester, tIT.. Jf.-iu K. Fiuclicr in S. . llkohcoek, MCmres, sec. 33, Vork, $1,200. II. M. Tul.. l.. Noah W. lMiever, lauJ in M!C. 1, Lodi, $60(1. tlannor liannefier to Goo. W. Cady, property in Y psilanti, $1,500. liVinan S. Wuoil ki Ira K. Wood, land Beo. 22, 160 urea, Iodi, $fi,ooo. Win. K. Wheewr to Gen. Uabora, land in cc. 15. Augusta, ;ioo. Mary F. umi Sarah Wells lo Harvey and llenrv CorDWOÜ, land in Ann Arhor luwn, $4,Ü(H). Fidelia A. Fay to Harnion S. Holmes, 4 lor in rhe villagc of Chelsoa, 1,'JÜOO. John i. Hahn to Jolm G. Zahn, 139 iorea sec. 30, Lodi, $4750. Patríele Kcarncy to Gco. Hosier, land in section 26, Webitor, l,5xt. DuielOtükiu, to Kdith B. Begole, properts in Y psilanti, too. Michacl Zahn to llenry HreitcnwWier, land in section 8, Freedoiu, $10. Micliacl Zahn to }uhart Kaeht-, land in sec. 8, Frecdoin, $10. Michcl Zahn to F. Kiscniuiiu, land in sec. 8, Freedoii], $10. Michacl Zahn to A. II. Kuhl, land in sec. 8, Frcedom, $10. irgil K. l'eck to Geo. Hacuierdenger, land in soi-. 8, Manchcutcr, $d, 4K). llarriet Skinner tn Mary (hambers, I piopcity in Aan Arbor, $'.KJO. Allen (Jouse to J. H. Ford, property in Moorcvillc, $45. (leo. A. Bísscll to Benj. F. Whitaker, land in Augusta, $100. K. W. Cushuian to ]aniel White, properiy in Manchester, $175 Tilos. L Spaffurd to Franklin Spatfurd, lot in Manehester, $000. .Sarah A. Wales to J. I). Corcy, lot No. ! I, ( 'mvan's addition, Manchester, $w. Thos. 11. Geer lo Ann Speechjey, land in Ann Arbor township. sec. w, $600. Ellen MoCtll, to.NelsonS. Durkec, land in WCS. SI and 32, Augusta, $1,000. Thoc. MeCall to Warren, Frank, and Warren Babcock, .Ir.. 80 acres sec. 24, Vork, $3.600, 1-yda T. Ciind! to Arlhur D. Conde, M acres sec. 3:;, York, $yoo. L. C. Itodman tn John (!. Zahn, 80 acres, sec. Il', Lima, $.r,("00. NcU„n Booth to.I.T. Hallock, :!0 eres section 27, York, $T,3DQ'. Adam Mayer to John Freer, property in Ann Arbor, (850. Charles lv Williams to Win. D. Harriman and Charles E. Greon, property in mi Arbor, $2,100. Owen lioodspeed i" Wm. Preer, 70 ;u-rcs sec. 20, Siperior, I4',9O9. ni. lcul 10 AugWl li-'iitz, property in Ann Arbor, $650. l'atriek and James Martin to Win. leBeever, property in Ypsilsrii. $l,0Ül) Wm. Leutz to Anguit Leut., lot 5, Brnwn's addition, Ann Arbor, i.r)O. ),vcn ( i.niiHM.-ed to V 1 1 1 . l-'n-cr, 130 acre beo. 20, Superior, $4,8011. BUIT CLAIM DCIDS. J. r. Ooit to Mary C. WTiitiog, lot 4, and part pfldta 8 md 13. Brown and Fuller's aildition, Ann Arbor, $300. lv Puffy to Mary C. Whitini;, property io Ann Arbor. $4,9,51) Margaret S. 1'. Wood to Mary 8. Plat (8, propertv in YpsiUnti, $1. liiicy W. 8. Morman to J. T. Hallock, 30 acres sec, 'J7 York, $1. lliram Kitridge toJohii Allen, property in Ann Arbor, $800.


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