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The Hyacinth

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Tlio (rrcian logend whii'h (ells ot' tho liirtli ui this besitliful flower, is given a.s tbllows, in "OM Tales Ue-ToM," by Augusta l,;l! [li il : There is a pathotic littlo talo about the ; accidental death of llyacinthus, abeautitul youth whoiu Apollo loved and sluw in a Kauio of iUüiu. It soeuis lo hint at the i poetiobehel tliatdeath hiinscll'inuurn.sovcr I the uniiinely Iobs of ome íoüiíh and lovcly betDgs. Tliey wcrc throwing the din;, and by a rubound ui' tliu tone HyaciuthuR teil luortally wouodcd. Tuc god was palo U miow when lie mw what had happencd. He bore up lus i'ricnd's sioLiug litubs, he i-aiivssed him, and strove to stannch his bleeding woui.d. He also applied herbs, but skill availed Dolhing. The poor lad's lovely head drooped likc a flower that had lieen brokun on the stalk. While Hyacinthus was dyiug Apollo poured out his grief' in lears aud lamentatious. 1 1 ¦ uharged hiniself with kiiliug hisíiiend, and lonud to give bis life lor the one he had unwittingly taken. He prouiis. d to tniDgle the uieiuory and praiso ol" the beloved boy in all his song and with mu.-io ot the lyre, and he also proiuised that Hyaointhu should spring up agaiu in the lurui ot' a lovely flower. Whi.e the prophetic gcd was weeping and niourning, the blood that flowed froni the wound feil to the gronnd and turned to a chariuing fluwer, the color ot' Tyi'ian purple, and the same that we cali hyacinth. Here we have anoiher pathetic f'able in whioh iiumortality ot' the soul, a new lite and growth, i revealed to us in the fbrin ot' a flower.


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