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0 A K PJL i I ií ti'i a A MnLmw ACTS DIRECTLY ON THE KIDNEYS Kladder mul I rinarv Orminx'-.y AhaorlInjc hII Ihiiikii'h, fvury trace ol aiasetaitd forciit hito rae systom throurb ihe pore ol th' altln. nournfaiSK and Htrii(ftheiiliiíí vtL'tilU' ton ice, Rividg it omiiTt'ul iouer lo cura ut once, PAIN IN THE BACK, Miilc 't I.oiiiM. Intlnninintloii and lli ímIiik ItincKHr of the Kidney. Kinliftt-. Iiii-. Gravel, ( uinrrli ol the Kladder, llixli ilditil. Scait) or l'fiinf ii I I rilliitiim. lMil-. nr MIid-iIn In the I riiir. Ol m nul PHYMICAl IHÍHIl,ITV and In inri any dlMMM "I these fcreatortfHhh whetuer r.ontracted by over wurk, nfrain, exce#slve drink, the nbuge f nafnre, orotherwiee. It miIWWii()M enlirelv ihe incoiivcuicnce and troublee ui takin n.iUHi'AiH and ptiaonoQf inierual medicinen. lt i woru exactly whcre needed, next to the body and immedlMely Ver tbc kidneys It iü comfotable to the patiënt, afc, ploneant and reliablc initK clluct, lut poTíríul ia it! liticn. It eau bc uorn at all time, in auy climate, and I eqtialb cood for MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD. Do not 1"' prejudiied. Glvs it a tkiai. and lie convincod that it ie boneat, reliable, ertective and just what your feel'lc and cxhniitcd body reqniree. Thoii!andg are daily adding their tettimony to tho uonderful ortlv pbwen ol thiK reat reinedy. who are belnv retorcd to perlect hoalth aftel all otbcr and remedian have Tailfd. Aik yuur draggtol Tor it, and accept no ihiiitation oh 81'btitutk. If he liae not oti send Ut us and receive it bv return mail. DESCEIPTIVI TBICE LIST. Regular l'ad, H; Special iad, fr Chrunir, deop-eeated, or canei ot lonptaudiuK, ' ; Cblldrn' I'ad, ruraommer complaiut. wcak kTdneys and led wettinc, f 1.51. Onr book, "How a Life was SavcU," contatninx a bUtory o( thie great diecovery, mailed i'ree. 'ritc fur it. DAY KIOXKY I'AI O.. Toledo, O. ion -ai Wlíjcn are a ñuñfl FlfyouareaH r V min of MM ¦ enod by thO(tmin of H ¦ ¦ Tour tlutlcs Rvold m nifrht work, to ¦ stiuiiüants and use W torebrainnorrt'aaü Hop Bitters. Bwute, u Hop B. I f tou ar younif and I rafferlng f rom an y inHi. .ttioi. ¦- aw.iipaHtion : ir ru arv jnarriol or single, old orMioujiK, suffunliK irom poorhealthorlancuishBliiK on a bed o( lckneas, r ly on H o p ¦ Bitter. Whoever v u ure, (¦Til ThouMnds dl anwhoDW.r you ircl M (I nually f rom 0U18 thit your systim imJS 'on o' Kldnty inds cleansinK, Br diseaw that niiKht Inc ur rtlnmlatinft, H1 hitfluwimnentnl with.mtiiitoj-ir.ifiiK, IHlby timely uw of tak e Hop JHCv HopBltters Bitter. Mak fcn ÏL'i„'("adK'ïoW i an absolute You illlif ¦ nlTT-r-nn tobáceo, or curtd If you use ¦ I I LUI narcotica. Hop Bitters H Mfo rfyouaB-elm -¦ : U" ' MIU SoWbydm Mrife 1 NEVER SStlSP"""1" I lík. Tou? 1 TA 1 1 Hr " ¦ has I A I L rre co¦ saved 9 fewfcMtor, x. T. I dreds. lt -- - - Tim.iii..,nn. HH'Jcein CHAMPION SHKifM WOLKHAJLK and K KT All-. MauiiTacturcd by MRS. E. A. BURLEY, Dealer In all kinds of WAX HVC.A.TIEIRX.A-ILiS, " UicïigiB Aroaio, opposite Atticis'. Houe, EITSOIT. loon t W.WTKIi GAME, POÜLTRY, EGGS, BUTTER, &c. BI Ballard, Branch L Co., 112 Broad St., N. Y,, kimktsho uní mant, ifciO l'reniinm for Muosc and Biff Bear. RALLA KI), RRANCH ( 0. 1UII-2M MUSu! G I S T F 01 -OFHops & Malt BITTERS. Rieh in tTi materiais tïiat Nonrífth, Iutíkot ate, lui fj an4 Mrruthrn. Thcy iupply Umin, Mitsculnr mul Verro Korre, "Yitfor to th KnlVrlll, Timo and NlraKlh to th Khauntd, NotirUhmeut tQ the young ud Ber Life lo the aged, Innht on tryioK thrm. AU DruUti oo obtln botb fret aud tcgutw mv ituttlOa, 1006-1057 Health Is Wealth. Db. K. (.'. s'kst Nnri ank UkainThkitment a ípecttlc íoi Bterla, li. i;r,JonïolnionH, Nervmi lleadache. Mental Deprennlon, Ik; ol Memory, Spcrmntorrh'ra, Impotenn . l'rtmaHirc Old Aire, cauned by over exertiou, aelf-abuec, or over-indulgi'nce, wblch load to minery, derav and detb. One Ixix will cure receñí ca. Kjdi box conutn one month'í treatm'iit. One dollar a box, or slx boxee Tor flve dollars ; Sent by niHil prepaid on rwceipt oí ricc. We L'uarantee si boxea to cure any case. Wlth each order rccelvid hy us forslxhoxej.aci-oröpanled with flve dollarn, we wlll end the purchaacr oor written guaraotee to return the money tl the treatment does not eflect a cure. Qairantra Is-iied by Brown & ('o.,Sole Anthorl.ed Airents lor Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN 0. WEST A VI)., bolo I'ropri eton, Chicaeo, 111. Krlzelle & Co., Wh"le,ale Agenta. Detroit. Mlch. 998-1WÜ Krnd for dlreciioua for 8clf-Meiifiurmeut. 75 Woodward Ave., and 1 Opera House Bloei, I JDKTRO1T, UK H. W3 1018 i w Oullit .v-tit trét r thosc who w i-h tn (UfH(C In ilie moii f]é TV ptaataat mul proftubte tiuiiMaa knoB. K.t ttiing y ne. CiuJ nut n'nilrij. W will ftimUb iov'ttry t-fc Ihinr. $10 h taj and upwarri. In oMy iuiír ili.m m ' ¦ iijinn .¦) tïouj buiuc uier niglil. o rlik wbtUver. a AI Miiiiy d. w wurkftri :nit''-l kt ouoe. Ubdj nrf iiiKklng 7111 ftt thö liU,lllrt. 1l.:..' M llitl. h lU.'ii, F iDd toüdk l'oyn o-I gtrt make Rtfat py. No mie who illiu( lo work falla lo uir!uDi j ntrr daj tbui eau bc i naiï in a wwk taoy ordlnarv noplftTiuent. who ifaw ¦ t ü'f will linil huit ri.-l t. r-u tune' A'i't'." M. Hili.itt & j i m.l, UkIuc. 1UUT-X


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