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CHURCH DIRECTORY. Baptist Chnrch. Uv. S. Haskkll, Pastor. vices, 104 a, m. and % r. m. Ban la 9 h ioI ifk-r mornlng servlc. Fr iyrr m -f rttandftj evenlag at 7J4 o'clock. Calholie Church. Kbv. Katmk': KtKi.K, Pastor. l., lm, 8 a. m. iii-'ii Mw, o% a. m. Vpn p. m. Suii.iny School, 'i% p. il. {'oiiiïregnfioual Church. Kkv. W. II. Hviisb, IN SHlihiiu iel I lSM. lüK k. m. and 7H T. m. Sund v School afu;r morniny gervice. Pmycr Beedng niand} ewniag al 7 oVlork. Episcopal riiiireh. Kkv. Wïi.ly8 Hall, Rector. ilcei, W% a. x. and 7 p. . 9iind) s iu.ol, m p. m. H'.liiriDiiH-'crvices.TUaridaj evoning ut Vi o'clock, (iornidn Methodist Churcli. Kev. (.'. Hfi.whi, Pastor. SabWh services, 104 a. m. and % r. m. S;i!i 1 ly School, at ntne o'clock k, M. Pruytïr tnei'linii uu Wednnjday. Lutherau Chiirch. Kiv. John Neumann, Pastor. ith services, 104 a. m. and 1% r. ¦. ¦ School ufter murnlng service. Prayer moeting, Thursday eveninfrat7M o'clock. Methodist Chnrch. Rav. Juun At,.uiATSR, Pastor. Sibbith erirtoes, 10i4 and 74 p. m. -i.l'il iv S ¦ i tol lifter morniair serrice. Pi i,.r m 'iüne.Tharoday uvening at 7 o'clock. ïonni; l'oople 8 tlftüng, Hnturday 7 p. x. Presbyterian Chnrch. Rrv. Richard H. Steei.k, D. D., Pastor. BtbtM li T.i.' m, 10M ¦ m. and V r. m. öundtty Sclh.laiul liible claaeaftor nioruiu service Prayer maetlo ', rhursdayevenlngat 8a'clock. V aof Pfl )(!'¦'- Hueriiii, Snnday evorin 1!. Uiiitarinu Chnrch. Hkv. J. T. srmiüituNn, Pastor. Sahhjtii ncrrlces, U)% A. M. and 7H p. . Sin I.iy School at 12 m. lots' Blble Claus at !):1S a. m. ion Ludieran Chnrch. Ksv. H. F. Belseh, Paetor. Sihhaih Service at ini a. . and 7 p. m. S ui I iv School imuifilmti-ly ïftor mornfnc; service. Rtlioui rarTtoea VednaMajr ¦vcninjsatTo'dock. BUSINESS CARDS. ELIKABFril O. POPE, n. !., l'llYSICIA.N AND SUBniON, Siccliil attpntlon pald to tlie iliscai-s of omen and ohüdren. city and ooantry aalla promptly attended i". OFI'IIK, M JBFFBBSOS STKKET, Two Doors from Btata Street. 0. C. JENK1NS, ummTmTJ I OFFICE : No. 32 East Washington Street. ƒ KornliM'ty OCOQplad l'.v 11'. ƒ I ''riiiliiimli.'tm. ƒ f 'i-m f HEMtY K. HILL, ATTORNEYATLAW Real Estáte roker, AND [NSDRANCS AGENT, opïice : Ko. t Opent Houw Kloc-k Ann A hbo k, Mich. 795tl WILLIAM HERZ, BOUS!, S1GS, ORNAMENTAL ƒ FKBSCO PAINTKR. f'ii]iir,ni".rtiazinir)Oildliicand Calcl- mininc', and work of every decriptlon done In the bet style, and warranted itn yive Hatisfaction. Shop No. 4 Weet ywashliiKtoiiSirrot, Aun Arhor.Mlch. W. H. 1AC18OR, DENTISTA OfBve over Harta c Abt-P. Cm tranen hy P!rt National Bank 73tf F. SORö, iloUSE, SlUH AMD ObmAMKNTAL I Paintkh. Paperlnu, Glazln, ƒ ƒ i ildinp, and work of every ƒ # crlption done in the best style. ƒ ƒ Palnts, Olls. and Varnlshes on ƒ U ftand and for eale. Shop, No. 33 ƒ II Sast Washington Street, Ann ƒ II Arbor, Mlch. 60Stf THE ANN ARBOR Savings Bank, Vim Arlior, llicliljfnn, TRANSACTS JSÜSÜAL BANKING BUSINESS. CAPITAL, $50,000. Orüanizort under the General BankW Law of this Btate, tho tockholders are indlvidually Hable for an dditional arnount cqim! to the stock held by them 'TfK&SSt? rmm for th; $100 000.00. Four per cent. Interext Is allowed on al! ,8'vile'. Deposito of one dollar and npwarde, accord'ngtotnu rule uflhcBnk,and Interest componnded semi auuually Money to loan „„ untnc5mbJrd real estáte and othergoort seoorlty. Virecton-ChrMlm Mack.W. W. Wlne. R. A. Beal William Deubel, Wllliam D. Harriman Daniel Hlecock, and Willard B. Smith iffleers: Christum Mack, Pres. W. W. Wmn, Vice-Pre. Chis. K. Hiscook, Caebler. 15-966 QOTO WINANS & BERRY KOK MBRCHANT TAIL0RI1 For the followiiiK reanonM: l-l. "Mrworkisallflrst-clais. r.n ,,i trr is 'he only cnlter in "- State who ? 'Vl' " a ixrftict flt without tryina m. havi,,., " ',','¦,"','¦ ;."r-'''Bt ortmeat in Uu BWa, "vin!; over WK) dlllrri'lit styli's to ulect from In ATh!"ú'"'' "¦"""" ""'" id ?m!ZuLT itn. W HM pon luit flrst-clam trlmmlii(;i..' 5th. We ar,, tnll M pr ccut. below Detroit prlcee. WINANS & BEKKY, 1U0T-10.V) No. lisonth Main Street, Ann Arbor J. A. POIJIEHIJS' LIVERY STABLE The bet and moni ex'enoive in the citj. HACK AND BUS LINE Runnini; 10 all train „Iglu und day. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT TRAINS. Th i he hack !„ ,he cÜo7iüle7cai„nR. („der. "Hed Drmptly for all kind, of convejances. Particular Attention to Orders for Funerals. Cor. MA1N an„ t Vtnaiune Sts AAKBOB, 99im2 „MII1UAN.


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