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Poetic Gems

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fUPID, near a eradle creeping, Saw an mfant jícntly sleeping; The rose tfaat bloomed upon it's cheek, Seemed a birth di ine to speak. To ascertain if earth or hpaven To moríais this fair form had gíven, He, the little urchin simple, Touched it's check, and left a dimple. Flowers open, smile - And ti ít; : Hones arise, beg'uile - And fly. Both have beauty's inight- And wane; Both are gentle, bright- And vain. "That man may breathe, but never lives, Whom mucji receives but never fjrfvu, Wfaom none can love. whom none can thank, Creation's blot, Creation's blank." As unte the bow the cord is. So unto the man is womanj Though she bends him she obeys hlffl, Uscless eacli without the other. 'I count these things to be grandly true, a noble deed is a step toward God, Liltiiií; the soul from the common sod To a purcr air and a broatler view." And every heart nmst learn to beat, As every robín learns to trill - And every Ufe be made complete, .Led upward by a liigher WU1. Oh, little feet, that such long years Must wanderon through hopes and fears, Must achc and bleed beneath your load; I, nearer to the waysidc inn, Where mil ihall oease, and rest begin, Am weai v thinkinjf of your load. To thine own self be true, And it must ÍOllow, as the night the day, Thou cans't not then be false to any man. "llorae's not merely four square walls II un with pictures, framrd and gilded : Home is where affection calis, Filled with shrines the heart hath builded."


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