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Winter Evenings

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Welcome are tbe long winter evenings to those who nave pleasant homes, and who enjoy cheerful gaslight and gleaming fire ia the cotnpany of a gay little home group. And, father, you will add to this gayety ? It is your duty as head of the household. Don't take your book or newspaper directly after supper settle down into the wannest corner in a manner that warns everybody to keep still, read sulkily or selfishlv until ten o'-clock, and then yawningly ask your wife if it isn't " most time to go to bed ? " Some father's are about as useful, and not half so ornamental, as a good quality of parlor boarder. There is a good bit of the evening let't after the children's bed-time, if they go when they sliould. Help Tommy on in his " home lesson," if the teacher has been perniitted to put one upon him, orgivean hour togames inwhich all hands can join. A little romp will help your digestión and spirits more than it can possibly hurt your dignity. Don't be af'raid, good people, of a regular dose of fuu in your home lire. It is the best preventivo going, for restlessness, nervousness, stupidness, irritableness, and all other ïl Is that spoil home comfort. Social parties are also in order for the long evenings.' There are many ways in which the winter evenings may be made eojoyable ; see that you regarj thcm.


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