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Ihe Holly Advertiser is sweet on Toni Palmer for U. S. senator. The editor of the Edtuore Journal, Dan. Young, has struck luck and been appointed postmaster of that thriving place. The Marshall Statesman is to be published hereafter by Will 11. Lewis, one of the heirs of the Lewis' estáte, to which it belongs. Mr. O. C. Tompkins will remain a-; its editor at present. The following, from the Three Rivers Tribune, shows how thorough and systawat our present governor has been : Gov. Croswell on entering the e xecutive offioe made it a rule to answer every letter addressed to him, and the number has averaged from 20 to 30 a day during his two terrus. They were far pardons, offices, on points of law and state business, and even for photographs, autographs and money. 1 hese and the auswers to them are all filed and indexed, and made accessible for future use. In the matter of pardons, each case, with all papers relating to it, is kept separate, and so marked that when the office is turned over to his succossor a history of each application can be turned to in a moment. In the same way all previous eiecutive papers, so far 'as prescrved, have been classitied and arranged. Full sets of all laws and reports have also been gathered and put in shape. The want of proper rooms put previous governors to great disadvantages in this respect, and tlie office was neoessarily in a chaotio state. The Dew capítol, with its handsome rooms and convenient cases and vaults, afforded the first opnortunity for this work, and Gov. Uroswell, at great labor and much study, has used the opportunity well. The value of his work will be best appreciated by tuoso who follow hiui in office, aud if these keep up the admirable systeni introduoed by him, the work will be of great benefit to all having any business with that departnieat of state work. '


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