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Alpena fo!ks aro said to be tnubled with railroad talk again this winter. The Hart Journal sees a railroad in the near future and rejoiees over the prospecta thercof. M. S. Lenhoff, a Saginaw clothing nierchant, has failed. Liabilities, $7,000; asPoor wliiskey caused ex Constablo Seelic, ot Adrián, to blow hh brains out last Friday. He kept an eating restaurant. Conoord has a nsw opera house which was opened to the publio thia week. She brags about its beauty and completeness. Kalaraazoo sighs lor a municipal jrovernment and city airs, and will probably doff the Indian appellation of "big village" alter the legislature convenes. A Toledo man is buildin?, at Baw Bees lake, an ice house which will take 20 acres of ce one foot thick to fill. What a pile of ice cream, colic, etc., looms up in imaginatiOD. TUe legislature, it is stated, will be asked to build the third asyluru for the insane this winter, both the eastern and Kalamazoo asylums being crowded to their fullest capacities. The wheat glat continúes in the interior towns, for want of cara to transport it. Unless tho weatbcr clianges beforo long, there won't be any glut in the elevators next year. Edward I'. Champion, ol tbis statc, has been appointed receiver of public moneys at JDeadwood, Dakota Tcrritory. It is asserted by somc that Champion was nol nnrn ín Olí i. i I Mrs. E. S. Custer, mother of Gen. Luster, is lying at the point of death, at her home in Monroe. She never recovered froni the shock occasioned by the untimely death of her sons. The Southern Michigan Medical Association, at the recent meeting at Adrián, resolved to ask the legislatura to provide some suitable way of obtaining "subjects" für dissectioo. A sensible move. A. P. Swineford, editor of the Marquette Journal, kicked a man named Cameron out of his office, for which a justice fined him $1.00, whereupon 100 citizens of that place paid the fine, one cent apiece. Mrs: B. F. Stone, a very estimable lady, of Jienton, Mich., and prominent in the M. h. church society, died on the ltith inst. Sho left a Iargc property to her 11year-old boy, wlio is now alone in the wond Gov. Groiwell has appoioted James McMillan, of Detroit, and Chas. 11. Miller, oí Adrián, memberd of thc'board of control of the state relbrm school for girlvice Charles T. Gorham, of Marshall, and Wm. II. Waldby, of Adrián, whoresigned their positions. A farmer at Battle Creek was so overioVfld Ht tlm stnijninnr nf lila Tnina.ii )„,,„ by a young lad that he dove down into the secret hording place in his pocket and presented the boy with a roll of- tobáceo, worth $000.05. The said lad is reported on his way to Elungary now. It beats all how impulsively generous some people are! If we may judge the wishes of the people by the sentinients expressed by our state exchanges, the eleetion of Mr. Baldwin to the senate is almost a certainty. - Jonesville Independent. It is a little strange how such erroneous ideas become prevalent. Mr. Baldwin has his share of support from state journals but no more. Messrs. Conger and Kagloy each have a largo followinf.'. it is statea tnat a department of education has been cstablishud in the state prison at Jack.son. Prisoners sentenced for less tlian three years will be unable to complete the course.wliicli consists of reading, spelling, writing, arithuietic, geography, granimar, U. S. history, book-keeping, civil government, natural pliilosophy, physiology hygene. It is hopcd to improvo the mor als by itnproving the minds of the men. There are gangs of bold burglars infesting the county at present who enter private houses, surprising the inniares and compelling tbeni with the uiuzzle of a revolver at their heads to surrender their cash and valunbles. It makes no difference how well the dwellers may have bidden their ruoney in secret nooks, crevices and walla, or whether they have buried it in the garden or cellar, they are compelled by torture and threats to lead the wa.y to it. - Holly Advertiser. It is a question whether the Protestant Methodists will rebuild the Adrián college building recently burned or not, as there seems to be a pretty general fceling among them that the people of Adrián do not properly appreciate the same. Troubles never come singly, and as our sister city has been asked to givo to railroads, workshops, etc, in order to secure them at :i pretty lively rate recently, she may be a little backward about coming forward in this instance. The state grange, which recently closed its annual K8IÍQB, at Lansiug, chose thi; following list of officers : Uaater- J. J. WooJnuui, Pw Vaw. nv.rsi-er -]'. F. Mr Adrián. Iecturer- C. Ij. Wliim.v, Muskouun Kteward- s. A.Tooker, Lanslng. As8islant Bteward- A. E. Ureen.FarmlnKlon lxecutivn ('onimit.tpp - .T im,m. ïpallantl; F. M. Holloway, Hilis.ia;. Luce, Glleaü; J. Q. A. Kiirrliigton, Tuscoluw.siiirook Derine, Beldlng; Win. Battrle, BlrnUngham; Thomas Mars. Berrlen Center' Master J. J. Wooilman and Secretan J T Cobb, membera az-offloto. Hcpri'scntiitivps for W.ishtonawOonnty- AlberiDuy anil wit, il. Baldwlnaad Last summer C. M. Loouiis, printer, of Grand lt:ijiN, receivedVo invitation froiu a London, England, firru, tobecomeone oi' 200 selccted job printers, of all countries, to contribute to a specimen volume of artistic printinK of the world. This unique specimen book is now published, and the London l'rinting Trades Journal commends the Auieriean specimens as more original, artistic and individual, than those ot' the Engliah, and particularly commends Mr. Loomis's specituen. Mr. Loomishas from this received an or.ler i'rom St. Petersburg, Russiü, to do a iob of' Rnanan nrintincr _


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