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The "ohio" Cry

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Now that the funny paragraphers have had thcir little say rcspecting Ohio men, and their appointment lo office by the present administraron, would it not be well to look this thing square in the face, like sensible rúen? Disappointcd politicians, all over the nation as well as in our own .state, have raised a hue and cry over the appointmeut of Judge Woods to succeed Justice StroDg, on the supreme benoh of the United States, simply bccause hc hsppened to have been born in Ohio. Is the gentleman responsible for his birthplace ? and how long must a man reside in another stte to become a resident thereof ? Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, yet no one raised the cry that he was a Kentuckian. 'ichariah Chandler was born in New Hampshire, but Michigan men, who unite their voices to the "Ohio" bowl, would not allow the old granite state to rob us of his name and fame. Why, then, this contemptible cry, "he's an Ohio man," in Judge Wood's case ? He has been a Lona fiit resident of Alabama for the past fifteen years, and for that length of time has been identified with all the interests of the south, whicli in any way tended to elévate and build her up. It certainly comes in bad taste for northern republicans to juin with southern rebels in an outcry against Presi'leDt Hayes on suuh petty grounds. They should exejci.-e more of that broad, liberal spirit whieh republicans are proud to claim for the rank and file of their party.


Ann Arbor Courier
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