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The following real estáte sales havo been recorded in the register' a offioe since our last report : Wra. E. Parker to Wm. Brown, 80 acres sec. 30, Superior 82,320. Philo E. Galpin to Wm. E. Parker, (15 ucres sec. Ï4, Ann Arbor, $4,740. Jolin Oreentng to MichaelKeelan, lotSCongdon's second ad., Chelsea, LM. Jaa. M. Congdon, to Michoel Keclan, lot 7 Congdon's al., Chelsea, $30. John Lingano to Joliu F. Burtli, SO aeree, sec. 14, Sharon, $3,480. Josephine M. Calcteon to ArthurHallcy, land In sec 33. Plttsfleld, :i50. ( ,s (rci!"ry in K. 1'. Cnpcliind, bWd In Ma. :!1 i'webetar, 11,780. Homos P.Oopeland to Jno. P. Mwble, land ,,, s,.,. :u and ;- Wetüter, I ; i;,.,,,:, ruin D.KllytO V..7.. ! h-rtiyshtro, land l„ Mo.Mand3r,YwUanU,6,oas. W and B. Hatt to Kilo Hatt, tl at tand In ¦eoe, ByWw, $1,500. F, R. Willianisto.J. A.;uMi"s,., john Mimiis to Oatherlne Mlnnl,toi ,..,i!u1., Ypsilanti. 51,.")ii. Daniel Mc-CaiTerty to Usnson Ambiose.propertj In Ypsiinnti, Süflo. Alanson Ambrose to John H. Ambrose.propertvin YpHanti,150. LetetiaK Walker to Bllsabetb BorbMh.loU I nd9Brownand roller addlUon nn A.ix.r, ÉAQO quit-c(.im Daan. Peter ulnan lo OM 8. Jewei I , WO aere iee, Sand 10 Dexteï. IÍ.B06. Miflmol Quinan to Geo. 8. Jcwett, [TO om ¦éotlonVand in Dexter. T,000. John Uaegle to Adam Maegle,land In Me, 10, superior, il. Krank MoC.nncli to ÏAVbia Beahan, N aerei sec 7, Dexter, and W) acips sec. 1. Lviulon. S0O. Geo. W. Cook to Cliarli-s Kitson. pn.porly In Ann Arl)or, (60. a. Feich to w. w. White, land In city and townof Ann Arlior, $20. Qporgel). Hill toA. l'i'lcli, saino descrlptlon, $iro. F. B. Whltakcr to Laura Wliitaker, H al., property In I.inin, $1. Chas. Wliitaker (l.y lielrsi to V. 1. Whitaker, land In sec. fn, Lima, si. F, r.. Parker to Llngare, 40 acres sec. 11. Sliaron, tl. Levl 8. Kreoimin to Lucinda A. Watcrbury, 100 acres gection 18 and l, Vpsllanti, 1. Lnolnd A. Waterbury to Lovl S. Kreeman, land In Ypsllanti town, fl. Peter Tuite to M. and P. Dully, property In Ann Arbor, 2,01.
Matilda Perrine to Winfield Banfield, lot 1 Ormsby and Page's addition, $1.
L. B. and A. Kellogg to Mary J. Murray nd L. 10. Walker, lot::, Brown A ï"uUer' additlon, Ann Arbor, ,609. e..,.. H. Phillips to Del.os Philip, all rlghl and Interest In the atete of Win. fl. PhUllp, doccoru-t) I II. l'hillips to Wm. Wallaee, tl al., saine. A delightful feature of Scribner for this year is a series of sparkling novelettes, or condcDsed novela, instead of the usual long erial story. Mis. Bchayer'i " Tiger Lily," which was begun in November, ends in the J;iuuary nuniber. Mis, Burnett's novelette, the story of an American girl in England, a SOTt ot' l)ai=y Miller, is to begin in the February Midwintcr Number, with a twcnty-two-i'age installtiu-nt and will run I through thrce issuos. In Muy, " Madame Delpbine," a story of lile in New Orleans, by George W. Cable, begins, and this wil] be followed by Boycsen'.s " Quecn Titania,'.' and Miss Osgood's "Toinette's [}ov : erness."