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(lucosu, in its natural state callcd niaple agu, is a suear lound in many of the sweet fruits. H is much less sweet than r.uie sugar and Ic38 soluble in water. Tbc glucose of coramerce is made by boiling starob with diluted sulphuric acid in lead or wooden pans. Corn is principally uscd i,r obtaining (he tarch nccessary for the manufacture of glucose, on account of its cheapoeas. The starch in its green state, . ., lioforc it has been dried, is mixed with a very weak solution of sulphuric acid and heated to boiling. When the conversión into glucose is complete, the sulphuric acid is neutralized by soiue fbrm of carbonate of lime and the gulpbate of lime allowed to s'jüle. The clear liquid is then drawn off, tiltered and evapornted. Glucose is much less sweet in proportion to bulk than cane sugar, one part of canc sugar sweetening aa much as two and a half parts of glucose. lts uses are numcrous. lt is used to .-weeten wine and increase fërmentation. Hrewers are heavy consuuiers of glucose, using it instead of' malt. Large amounts are also used in the manufacture of vincgar. Syrup tuanufcturers are heavy consumera of gfaeote. Nearly all the "golden syrups," which have sucha wide sale, are three quarters glucose. Candy manufacturers use large iuantitics of glucose in their trade, but only the best and purest grades are available for that purpose. As to the healthfulncss of glucose, there is no reason why it .should be unuealthy if properly manufactured. lt isabundant in nature, and is not considered unhcalthy in honcy, molasses, and all the acid fruits whioh owe their sweetness to it.


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