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The Left-hand Glove

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" I don't know what to do with tina glove," said Mrs. Wells, as she wasjooking over closets and drawerp. She held up a fur gauntlet noarly new. "It seems a pity to throw itaway, and yet it is no use. Wliut a pity Mr. Wells lost the mate!" 11 Why don't you put it in with those tilines, maniuia?" suggested Kitty looking up froui her tea-set. "Those things " were a pile of'parily worn gariuentn Mrs. Wells had just laid aisde as an iotended contributioo to a Home Mission box. "Why, Kitty, do you think an odd glove would do any more good out Tvet than here ?" " Someone might like it, mamma - perhaps some poor minister, who has to ride miles and miles over the prairies. He could hold the retas in big left hand, you know, and keep the other in hi pocket. " "Tliat's quite an idea, Kitty," laughed Mrc. Wells. "The glove won't take up much room, any way. We'll scnd it. It was a liandsome glove, of dark, glossy fur, soft and warm, and long enough to cover the wiist. The pair had been expensive. It went a long journey by blue, winding rivera and fields ofwaving grain and golden corn, pasthills and woods, through busy, bustling cities, and reached a part of the country where winter is long and severe. The mission box carried comfort and cheer to ruany a distant home. But what can we do with thia odd glove ? questinned one of the ladies who unpackcd. " Why, don't you reiuember ? said another. There's that poor Mr. üray, who lost his right hand a year ago. " " Thaf tcrribio accident ! Oh yes, I recolleot. ' ' " This isa left hand glove; and good as new. Let's send it to him." The minister's family were glad that üight. There were little sacques and dresses and shoes and stockings, for the five children, and a shawl for mamma. "And O papa, see this ! "Shouted his litttlö%irl, liolding up the gauntlet. w Now your hand won't bc all blue with cold. Seo what a beauty ! Thore's only one and it' left hand. Isn't itquecr." The minister tried on the glovc. It was just a fit. "Who would have tiiought itï' said hc. So the odd glove found its place, and had a mission ai ter all.


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