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A Land Where There Are No Elopements

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Elopements are not belieyed in lapland, forifanü merries I muid without her parents' OODMDI the penalty is death. U'luri ti young man has foriued an at taohment to a female, the fasliion is toapppiot tlieir friendl to meet, to behold the youB oonplc rao ¦ race toffsther. The muid is allowcil in tttrting tbc advantage of a third part of the race, so that it's iiupossible, only by will of herself, that she should be overtaken. Ifamaid overruns her suiter the mat Ier is endi'd ; he tnust never have her, it being penal for the man to renew the motion for uiarriage. But,if the virgio bas an affection for hiin, though at first she runs hard to try the trutu of his love, she will (without Atlanta's golden baila to retard her spoed) pretend to moet sotne easualty aod voluntarily l'alt. Thus none are compcllcd to marry against tlieir wishes, and this is the cause in this poor country that the inarricd people are richcr in their contentment than in other landl, where so many forccd matches mako feigncd love and cause real unhappincss.


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