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How To See The Wind

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Taks ¦ poli-lied metallic surface of'two feet or more, with a strainht. edge - a hand saw will answer tho purpose. Take a wiody ilay, whether liot or cold, clear or cloudy, only let it not ruin or the air be niurky ; in othcr wonta let t'ne tir be dry and clear, hut this is not BBMBtUÜ. Hold your metallic surl'ace at right anglcs to the wind - i. e. , f the wind i.s nuith hold your SUffiuM east, and west, )ut in.stcad of'holding the Hurf'acc vertióle, inclioe itaboutforty-five degree.s to the horizon, so that the wiml .-triking, glanees and flows over the edge (keeping it straight) as water flows overa dam. No i;ht carefully over the cdge at soma minute and ihtrply defined object, and you will sre the air flow over as water fljwa overa dam. lakeyour observition carefully, and you can hardl.v l'ail to see the air, no matter howcold; thercsult la cMii battei when the sun isobscured. [Tlie above is doubtless a very interesting x[H'i iiiient, bui most people, especially oewspaper men,would prefet to Icdow how to raise tlie wind. ]


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