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MMÜUMU The pabllc te Invlted t cali a ml examine puctnien [ tlu' celebntod KNOXVILLE, TENN.,MARBLE Of whleh we hnvo a supply of new desijjna. It is superior to any mtrble in heanty and dnrahlUty, miu! tiint'w place of Scotctt Qnuilta. PIEICtSI I.OVi:it Til A EVEB. WHKK AIX WAtlRANTKD. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and t'atherine Sts. ANN AKBOH, MICHIGAN. 915tf INSKY & SKABOLT'S BAKERY, GKOCERY AND w-m FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We keep conBtantly ou hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, FOR WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL TRADK. We sball also keep a snpply of SWIFT & DKUBEL'S BEST WHITE WHSA1 FLOUK. DKLBI FLOL'K, HYK fLODB, BUCKWHÜAT FLOLK, COKN MBAL, KKED, &o.,c. At vholecale mul retai). a general ttooh 01 GKOCEIUI A.VD PROVIÜIOKS conBtantly od band, wblch will be sold on as reason able terms as at any other house in the city. Cash paid forButter, EK, and Country Prodnc (jenerally. ""Goods delivered to any part of the city witb nut extra charge. yr KINKKV ft KKABOLT. TO AGR1CULJURISTS Tlie undersigned are now raanufacturlng a a salt for fertllizlng purposes that is pecullnrly adapted to the use for which it is destgned. K is ent i ri-ly from dirt, or hard Imnps, and is made ly a proeess whieh l.-ave ineorporated in the salt all the nünable plant food, as well as Ingrediënt! oaloulated to free and rendar soluble the Am moni a already Qontelned in the soil. We propose to place the prlce so low that none shall be deterred from givlng It a fair trial. The use of 8alt for fertlllzing purjMMi Is no longer an experiment, uut has been fully proven, not only scientlfically and theorelioally, but praclieally, liy scores or onr most WCOOMftal agrien lt u riMs. We berawltb present experienoe and oplnlons ofsome of the leatling Farmera and Bolentlsta Of this and ollier countries. hoping that the perusal Of the saine may be nuitunlly benerteial. We sliall oontlnne to gather lopb itattoUoa :is we can 'n tliis subject, and iiope each and every ona wlll aid us in tliis by fflvtag a tlie benelit of his experience. Orders and coiniminical imis niay be ad draflMd toeitiierof ttie undersigneil. wbo will furnisli all neeessiiiy iul'oriiiation as lo prlOW, transportatlon, etc. THE MICHIGAN SALT ASSOCIATION, 1 ast Sainaw. Mlch. THE AMERICAN OAIRY SALT CO., (Limited) Syracoae, N. y. THE OHlO RIVER AND KANAWHA SALT CO., Cincinnatl. Ohio. Mr. .lüines Tolbert, per K. ;. lirown, bae tbis alt for sale at the Ferdon Lumber Yard in this city. 88-yr fPlrflSlTí Tí iüUÖC!1 á yu poErí, pp I K WASTINC DISEA8ES Siiih :m Conrainptloo, lironcliiiis, Anthma. General Debility, Brain Gxhaustton, Ctaronlc Oootüpation, Chronic Diarrhu'i. Djpfla,ot LOSü OF MIC Ol s PO WEK Are positivoly cured by FELLOWS' COMPDUND syrI'p of uvropHospniTKS. As pho)lioriis enters so lareely into the annimal economy, it heoonie par exettltnoi thu beM vebicle with which to asgociiite the other vitHÜ.in ineredianti f healihlv Woud, Nerve and Muscle. In Fellow f" Syni[ of II pophosphites art' combined all the nbatanOM found neceesnry to insnre rohust hralth, and whcri-as il wa inveuted with a view to supply every defleieocy, it oortil&lj bas perfurnieil totue witmlerlul ciiro. Manchester, N. H., June 18, 18811 Mr. -Tamk 1. Fkli.owh. . ¦ Sr; I wtob to iicknowledee the (reat benelit I liave un civcd trom UMof "FbHowí Compoand Byrnpol Hyiiciphoepbltes.' 1 have been an invalid lor nearly two yeurs, with a bronchital atlection tbt has become chronic. In the Fall of 187S I had a phyeiclan ei"htydys in euccession, beeides the conrsel Of M'vi'tiil ut heis. They gave me btit little eiiconr.ii,'ement, sonie of them none. List July I was ad Ii6d a trial. I ilul so.'aiul in lefsthan 0D6 wek li'i a inarkod Improveiaent for the ''itT. I luive continued lts uae from that timeuntil the prMeot, Improvtng all the time, and I can t'utbfully nay 1 iim more than a hiindred per cent. better tlian wben I oammenced it u-e. I hv increaeed in tbont tlttet'n pound, and my congh. whlcb wal '¦¦ irful. bM nenrly difappeared. I belii'vu had it nol been lor yoni syrup, I shonld ere thie have been beyund the cares of thl life. Very truly yourn, AL1SKRT STOHV. t3?üo not be deceived by renedlet hearing a similar name; no other prepararon if a Bobstttute for thie, underauy circumstauces. 1015-18 THE chea_:p_est NEWSPAPER IX THE TWO COPIES FOR ONE DOLLAR, - OH FOUR COPIES FOR TWO DOLLARS, With an Extra Copy thrown in for each Club of Four. ira the new terms of THE ECHO, the bsst weckly newspaper In the State, EVERYBODY WANTS IT ! Addross, THE ECHO, ??¦roH. Mtk. lili I.VKNINU NEWS, Dillv Clrealatton, Ï7.060 Ooplea, Rrlght, Ñeway and Independent, Bj Mail, $:. ii a year, AUdress.The Evenlns News, 1018 Detroit. Mlch. i w. Ootfl 'iit mt to tboêt wbo Nh to euKci iu the noit V (¦l--üi nnil protltt.l buitnMi knou. Kvtritblui T ufw. C(jlulnoi t-iuird. W wil) fiiriiHby.iu'eT-oryiL - tbiag. $! k dij md upwardt U ksilj mide Itboiit m ' m hibj-Idr itwj from líame over aiflit. Na rUk hlvr. 1M Mnr new workrrn wntl t once. M&dt arr oiftklni "1 ¦¦ frtuoa Ki the Ihimbm. Ldlw make si much aa uir-a, T KT fi,l Toon büT nul glrli make great pay. No ouc wbo i w.Hlug Ui work flUli to m.ike uioremoney t-Trrjr iUy tban ca be uittil Iu ¦ wck atanr ordlnarr miilofiucnt. Ttioae whocngaK at urn-o wilt tlud ashurt fok't i rurtuu. A-llfti 11. Hai.liit I imA, vialue. iuu7-


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