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The Death Of The Old Year

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Full köee-deep lies the winter snow. And Uu winter windt tra wearily sighirig : Tol] yc the church-bell sad anti lmv, Anti tread soltly And speak low, Kor the oíd year lies a lyiiiji. Old year, ym nmst not die; You carne lo us so rcadily. Yuu lived witli lis mi steadüy. Oíd year, you shall not dl th stil 1 : hc doth not move: I Ie wilt not sec the dawn of day. Hc Imth DO other Ufo bove. Hj gave me a friend, and a truc true-love, And the New-year will takc 'cm Oíd year, you must not go; io long as you have been with us, Such joy as you have seen witli ui, Old ycar, you shall not go. I low hard hc Iircathes I over the snow I heard jusl now the crowing cock. Tlie ihadowi flicker toand iro : The cricket chirps : the 1 i glit burns low 'T is nearly rwelve o'clock. Shake hands, before you die. Old year, weMI dearly rue lor you : What s it we can do for you? Spcak out before you die. Ilis face is growing sharp and thin. Alack ! our friend is gone. Close up his eycs : tic up hts chin : Step from the corpse, and let Mm in Thai itaadeth there alono, And waiteth at the door. There's a new foot on the floor, my friend. And a new face at the door, mv friend, A new face at the door.


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