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Does Her Own Work

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Does Bhe ' What of il ? Is it any dn;raco? Ia she any les a true woman, t'ss wortliy of' respect tlian sbe who sits in ilk and su tin, and ia vaiu ot' fingers that labor? We lUtened to the anear a cw dajs ago, aod tono lo whiob it was ittercd betokened a narrow, selftab, igno)lo miriil, bettn littcd fbrany place than a ountry nhose Dstitutioas rest on honorajle labur as onc of the viw' oorDeratonec. t cviucfil a hite idea of the trae basia of ocicty, of trae woiuanliood, of Renuine lobility. It showed (lic detestable spirit f oaste, of rank, wliii-li :i ecrtiiin daag aiv rying to establisb- acasio vhoM sole t'oundation is monoy and ho tbc meaoest of rank kniwn tO civilization. Miad, iianiiiT.-. moráis, all that enters into n guud ebaracter, are oí' no aocount witb theise social snobs ; position in tbe slilted raaks is liougbt witb gold and cacb additiouul dollar is another round in tbe ladder by wbicb elevation it gained.


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