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Nobody Scared

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Thai the attcndance of Judge Marston nd hia response to the toast, "The State of Michigan," at the late New Kngland Pinner in tliis city, was by design, and ac eomplished through the instnimcntality of Judgc ('ooloy. we have every rcason to believe ; also that the occa.-ion was purposely made one to pave the way and prepare the public mind to receive a forthcomtng cicrision of the court without iestioo or criiici.-ni. When Judge Mantón poioted liis (inner ;i( us is be did that night, in ;i luouaeiiiK manner, and pronouooed a triple enne opon any or all who (land question any BQt of "the great temple of jastioe," we have a legitímate right to enquire info its meaning, and can come to hut one conclusión, and that u the Ddrae was atended u a preventativc lor WBMthing expected. The appearaooe of Jadge Mantón n the city at thi linie, accouipanied liy a short band reporter IVoni Dotrott, (a thiug never befbre heard of aponjike oooañona) mcans and saya in so many wordt : "wc shall sociii take action in au important oase, and wou be to the lawyer or other pereon who questiooa our deoiston afterit shall have 1 n made." All WC Iwivr tO Say tO these tWO Mictf t that we are DOt frightenod. c sliall Bomment wkh perfect freedom opon any decisión which ittempte to orash the innocent and belpless, whetlior this decisión be pronounced by Judies Mantón or Uooley, or any other judge. In another column is ¦ dedsion made by the Chief Justioe of the supreme court of l'ennsylvania. They are words of wisdom which we comiucmd to these gentlemen and set forti and hold a better, broadtr doctrine, and one more in keeping with the free institutions and civilization of the 19th century. The old doctrine that the king can do no wrong is of the paft.


Ann Arbor Courier
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