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Closlng aud Opeulng of mails. Mails leavlng Aan Arbor, Kast and West, wlll close as follows: GO1NQ WKST. riirough audWay Mali 10:50 a.m. Way Mali between Ann Arbor and Jackson 4:Sp-mNlilluMall Si.OOp. m. OOINQ KAST. Througli and Way Mali, Night Llne,6:0C a. m. Throuiib and Way Mail, .sumlay and Mondar, oUwaa Satarday and 8uudaj night 9:00 p. m. fhrougliaud Wuy Mail IfeKa. in., 4:50 p. m. (oim; sou ril . Y pallan ü and Baukar'i Pouob 7:00a. m. Tuludo and Way 11:10 a.m. ern Mails distributed al 8 a. m.. 12 m. Wmtota Mali dlstrlbuted at 8 a. m. and 6:20 P7ackBon Mali and Way Mali between Jacksou and Ann Arbor distrlbuted at 11:15 a. m. Monroe and Adrián pouch, 10:15 a. in. The mail to Whltmore Ijike, Hamburg and Webstor lease Tuesdays, Thursdays andSaturdayu at H a. m. Travelen' Galde. Tralns arrlve and depart from the Michigan o'entral Depot lu this city as folio ws : TRAINS BAST. Atlantic Express 2.05a. m. Night Exprww 8.S6a. m. Kalamazoo Accommodatiou 8.40 a. m. Urand KJiplds Express 10.35 a. m. Day Express 6.OTp.m. Mail 5.Mp. m. TBAIN8 WSST. ajl 8.40 il. in. Day Express ï ll.OOa.m. Urand Kapids Express 5.22 p. m. Jaoksou Express 7.35 p. m. Evenlug Expres 10.00 p. m. Paclflc Express 11.17 p. m. Local Passenger 5.18a. m. All tralns are run by Chicago time. whlch Is flfteen minutes slower than Ann Arbor time. Kricndi of The 'ourler. who have Iiuhíiii'hh at the Probate 4'ourf. ill ¦¦¦iu'i Judice Harriman to aend their Prlntlna; to ofllre. 01 OFFER FOR 1881. Dr. Chase's Improved Recipe Book, Containing Over 2,000 Recipes and The Ai Arbor Courier BOTH FOR $2.00, THE PRICE OF THE BOOK ALONE, Any porson doslrous of securing this most excellent book as a gift, can do so by subscriblng for The Ann Abbor Uoukier forone year and paylng $2.üO In advauce. Old subscrlbers, by paylng all arrearages, and one year In advance, can secure the same premium . If you already liave a Book. you raay, perhaps, have a mother, brother, Bister, or a frlend who wouUl be glad to receive lt as a hollday gift. Ttiis Offer will Hom Gooa üntn JanuarF 1, 1881. - The Book will be delivered at this office. If sent by mail 15c additlonal will be required to pay postage. THE IMPROVED RECIPE BOOK It embraces all the valuable Kecipes of the Old Book, wlth the improvements and dlscoveries In the arts, sclences and medicines of the last elght years aüded. The new editlon glves inplain language full diroctlons for the successful treatment of all the leadlng dlseases to whlch man, woman or chlld are heir, as well as those of horses or cattle, and are the results of long experience of some of the most sclenUflc physlcians of modern times. The publisher has adopted the Reformed Practlce of Medicine, and many oi the Recipes in this departmentarc more precious than rubies. They are priceless. No mother should be without this book, os lis "Advlce to Mothers'' and "Rules for the Treatment, Care and Management of Chlldreu " alone is worth ten times the price of the book, and should make Ita Welcome Friend In Every Household in this broad land. "It is a guide in Health as well as In Slckness." The publlsher bas also added several new and attractive departments, vlz: " Rules for the Preservation of Health;" Accidente and Emergencles;" "AdvtcetoMothere;" " Rules for the Dress. Care and Bringlng up of Chlldren;" "Cold Water Cnre;" "Hints on Housekeeping;" "Amusement and Indoor Qames for the Youns;" "Bee-Keeplng;1' and OneThousand Household Recipes. The New Book Is complete In all lts departments; but especially so In its "Medical," '¦ Mother's,"' " Farrler's," and "Colorlng," and contalns over two thousand Practical Recipes, for everything aud everybody, upon almost every subject and branch of mechanlcal lnlustry, and is adapted toall classes and conditlons. This book alone cannot be bought for less than f2.


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