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All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze!

All Sails Set To Catch The Popular Breeze! image
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MACK & SCHMID'S GREA.T DRY GOODS SHIP Always Leads in the Race and is Miles Ahead of all Competition. The Small Profit System (of which this house is the sole exponent) is Bound to Win tho Day. Take a Clance at a Few Samples of the Cargo : Noiuc mu' Black and Colorcd All-Wool 'asintiere, doublé w iMii. 10 eents, leid elseiviierc fbr 15 to 50 ecnt ; rcrygood qualli y 65 eenta, sold elfewhere at 75 cents; Lupin's extra flne, 75 cents, wort h Sl.OO ; Frcncli talla Plaid, O ocnls, Frencli Plaid. 50 cent well wortli 60 cent".; Lapln'i All-Wool BLACK UOODS, Crape Imperial, Baktl and Momio Moflí, Drup !c Alma, Rojal Pekin BLACK CASHMERE6, Stik aad Vclvcts, Silk Brocados Salin Brocades, Pckin siriprcl Volvéis at lowcr priees tlian any Iioiiso in Ilie count},a complete assorlinenl of TrimmiiiK Mlks at T cenls, usual ly sol il at M5 coiils. All n ov sitados oí' Drcss ilks tl uk A Sclimid oflTer at #1.10, a beller quality of Colorcd DreM Kilk, and a iniioli flner assorlment llian eau bc Itouslit clewlioi-e l,n-sl.'J.V llandsome BLACK GROS GRAIV RILK, ÏO cenls, Black, heavy, rieli ilk. 85 cents, a heavy Oros rain Silk, warranlcd to wcar well, 1.00 an Elegant Slik, so ft and very ricli, at $1.20; perb color, very heavy, al l.:í., I.M, I1.T5. Mack & Schmid have added the most reliable and durable makes of Black Silks to theiralready incomparable stock thefamous Cachemire Alexandria, which is warranted not to cut or wear shiny, arjd is universally acknowledged to be the best silk ever made. Black Salin ¦ Lyoa in diïlVreiil grados, Black nul Colored Silk Velvels Trom sil.00 to $13.00 per yard, Black and Colored Satin Trom 50 cents up. EXTKAOROIXARY B VRdi IS on our counters daily and il is asionisliing how iliej sell. A iiioiinlain fbarmliH in the ¦oralag will meli away Uil therc Is noili'"- left in he ovcnins. l'lain Flaiiiiols, Modioaled Fliiimels, Saxony Flannels, Kmbroidered Flannels, Opera and Plaid Flaiinels. Sliaker Flannels, Cloaks, Oolmans, Shawls, Shirts, Corsots, Glovei Llnens, tuiiis, Towcls, Uamasks. CLOSE AND JUDICIOUS BUYINC, Cash in Buying and Selling, combined with the Small Profit System, are bound to win the day. WS7-1018


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