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Age And Intellect

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"The lichera nat ure, saysuanyie, ido i and ilower the development. Two boys were once of a class in the hdiuh Qrammar School ; -lohu, ever trim, i dus : alter ever slovenly, oon and dolt. In due time John licoamc ¦ Huoter Square, and Walter - Walter Scott of the Univcrse. iuickes and oompletert of all vegetai thecabbage. This slowly developed "8ir Walter SooM of the I inverso wie thirtyfour when he made hú drafl of "Waverly," and forty-three wlun he rewrote and publishcd ii. tiearly evirj oo biofa oouferred mmortallty apon him was oomposed aftet he had reaohed the age of forty-six. He wrote the 'Hoart of Midlothian" al ferty-seven ; the ¦ lïrido of Lammeruioor," "A LagendtH Montrose," and "Ivanhoe" at fortyeighl ; .n.l "Peverrl o) the nsak at fiftj ; the "Tales of the Cruaaders al R)ur, nd the "Chroniolei of the Canfiftyseven. (brty-two wben he pubhsbed French RevoiutioD," the Brei wrk ,,r i whichhe loiiiiaMy putbisnaine. I he publicution of thu workwa, il m uu-, de layed, owing to the burninc of the manu ne rolutue througb the oarelesaof yfra Taylor, to whom it lw.1 been 1 bj John Staart Mili! bul il the inishauiad ocurrred, Carlyle would have been over forty before hi workoottld have appeared. HU "Cromwell was pub : when be ws fiftyi the first two vol of ,ia "Prederick the Groal whon ae was Bixty-three, snother two whn h ras sixtj evi q, and last two wnen be I.V OÍDO. Swifl was fiftyninc when he ptfblwhod "Gulliver's Travel," and oertaioly did no work on it belbre he was fifty-seven. Tennyson had reached lif'tv when hw Br-I idyls, "Enid" "Blaine," "Vivien,1, "Gmnevere" were puWished, nd was aboul sixtytwo when lie eompleted the aeröa witn " Garetb and Lynetw." Macaulay v-hforty eight wher he issuod the irel aad seoond volumes of his "History of Bngland," andtbfl third andfourthdid notappear till be waa jfty-five. Oood as are the essays of hii eairtj nianhood, they paw oompared wiih tbis wort of bm mature years. , John Smart Mili was fifty-three wben Uia essay "On Liberty' was published. and öfty-sil when he gave u that on " Uttlltaj-ianism." Milton oertainly more than Bfty-fonrwben hebegan tooompose " I'aradise Loet," He was fjttynine when be sold it to Simmons the bookseller. George liliot oomposed "Middlemarch" between the are of' forty-six and fiftyone, aud siaoe ihen " Daniel Deronda." Bacon was tittyninc belbre he published his great work, "The Novuni Organuoj." Cowper was over lii'ty when lie wrote "John Gilpin," and the :'Task ;" andDefoe fifty eight when oe pobüshed "Kobinson Crusoe." Darwin nublished his "Origin of Species" when fifty and his "Desoent ol Mau" wheasixtytwo. Grote wrote the largest portion of his "Hi.-tory of Greece" between the age of fifty two and sixty-two, and Hallam ocoapied nearly tbc same period of' lito with hú "Jntroduction to the liiterature of Europe." The two work by which Thomas Hood survivcd the grave "The Bridge of' Sighs," and " The Song of the Shirt," I iinposed when he was forty-six, and on a siek bed froru which he never rose. Goethe aud Kaal, two of the grentest minrls that puftr lived. did in view of their UUUU 111,11 fïCl I1VCU) 1V il wwi luier works, searcely aoything tilljthey had passed the age of furty-iive. Kant was notbing but a professor till fifty-seven, when hfi pnblished his "Critique ol' Pure Reason," on which he had begun work ten hefore. When sixty-íbur he issued his"Oritiqua of' Practical lleason," and his "Critique on Judgment" was published two years later. But the most eouspieuous literary example of fertility at an advanced age ia Goethe. At forty-eight lic publich'I 'Hermannand Dorothea." and at fiftyrix his immortal "l-'aust." "If Goethe," saysCarlyle," "haddied in 1806, (the year when 'Fauat' appeared), he would have achieved a greater ronown thau any other man of letters ; but ho was deetincd to live twenty-six years longor, years of labor and productiveness." In 1809, wheo fifiy-uinc, he pttblisbed "Klectivo Affiniries," and in 1831, at the age of eighty-two, "Helen rond part of 'l':uir-(.' liOriL'fellow gave h iliawatha" when fortyeight; "Tales of a Wayside Inn" when fifty-six, and sincc then has bceu as prolifia as he has bren oxo:l!cnt. Wc need . uily uientioo hi trnnslation of Dante'8 "Divina Commedia," and lus exquisito poem, "Morituri Salut.ainus. " Tbc Automl of the Ureakfast Table" was published when Holmes was forty-eight, and "Songs in Many Keys" when fifty-five. : ion Irving completed "Tales of the Alham; bra" at forty-nioe, pulilishod "Mahomet" at sixty-sevcn, and "The Life of Georgc Washington" after that age. We believe Prescott wrotc the "Conquest of Mexico" between the ages of forty-onc and fortyi, and the " Gonqnest of Peru" betwoen lorty-stven apd fifty-onc. Motley completed tlie "History of tbc United Xetherlands" at fifty-tUrees and aftcr that he began the lii.tory of "John of Barnewhiob he pnblished wiion he was sixty.


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