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What Washington Didn't Know

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We (lou't like to be irrevercnt, but woulJ liko to ask, wliat tlid your forefathera know '.' What, for nstance, did George Wa.-liiiiKtiii) know? He never saw a Mteaiuboat; hc oever Báli a í'ast mail train ; be never held his ear to B telephone ; lie oever sit. fur liis picture in a photograph f ; lio Deverreceived a telcgraph dish ; bc nevcr sightod a Krupp ; bc i (ciicJ to the "fizz" of an electrio peu ; he never saw a pretty girl run a sewing machine ; he never saw a self-propclliiig cnuine go down thestreet to a firc ; he never heard of' evolution ; be never took laughir.' gas ; ho never bad a , fct of store i . be never attended an international exposition ; he never owned a bonanza Mime ; he never knew ''Oíd Prob; lie - but why go on ? No ; wben he took an escurcón it waa on a Üatboat. Wben lie went off uu a train it was a uiule traip. Wben be motad to talk with a man in Milwaukee lio had to go there. Whcn he bad bis [lii'tura taken it was done on a profile with :i pieei! oí black paper and a pair of sbears. When he got the returns from back countie thuy íiail to be brought in by a man with an ox tart. Wben lie took aim at tho enemy he hal (o tuist to acrooked barrcled old flint-lock. Whon lie wroto it was witb ¦-e -ijuill. When he had anytbing to mend hú grtndmother did it with a darni needie. Wben he went to a tire he I in a ine and pased buckets. When be looked al a clam bc never dreamed it was any relation of bis, When he went to noert he heanl a craeked fiddle and an insaiie clarionet. Wbeu hc had a tooth palled he ?:it down and never left off yelWhen hc got out of teeth be mumni. i vitn-r-. Wfcen be wantod an international .show he sent for l-aliiyettc and ordered bi frienda op froin Old 'irginia with tlie specimen earefully labelcd in 1 ot - be oooe go) liold of a nugget of guld (rom an [odian ebief bu fblt rich. U hen be wantod to know anytbing about the weather he oonsalted tbc ground-hog. nr goose-bone. When- but wby go on ? What did soeh n luan know '! vbo irai ln anyway f - Washington Union. I know of but few Christiaiu as coni of i be Bplendor of tbc rooaus in their i's houie as to be bapjiier when their friend are calleil ti tbone mansionh, than they wouKl havo been bad the queen sent lor them to livu at court, nor bas the churoh's moet ardent dosire " to departand be with Cbnet" ever cured it of the singular habit of putting on mourning for every peraon summoned to euch departure.


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