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Queer Questions Answered

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How did Jm '.Mi Riisabetb f : k ¦¦ her pilln? In rider. VVhat holds all the snnlt ís the world? No onii nosc ! V 1 1 1 ¦ 1 1 g Niuir like oysten? When there U a nuart eat. Wlmt. animal comen down froin the elouds ? Raiu, dear. Why ia i door like a colored woman? BewoM ii is an agre What relatioD to doot the door mat '.' A step forther. Why is a lazy young dog like au trolined plane? Becausc it is a slow-pup. Iliiw did Adaui and Eve get out of the farden of Eden? They were anakedoat When will therc nnly bc 25 letters in the alptmliil? When f' and l are made one. Why io white ln'"i oat more tlian black ones? Becansc roert are more oí' them. Why have chickens do bereafter? Beii n se they have their neeks twirled in this. Why is [relaod the richest country in theworld? Beeau-1!1 it capital is always Dublin. What is tlu' differenoe between the north and south polo? All the diffcrence in the world. Why is a lawyor like a rertlesa man in bed? Because he Brstlies on one ride arul thea on the other. Why OM a man never starve in the Grreml Danert? Bnmh he au e:it the sand whieh is there. When has a penon ihree hands? When be has a right band, a left hnti'l. and ¦ little Ixiliind hand. Why ii a itationer a ery wicked man? Becaose he makea people steol pens and llu'ii say thoj li write. Why is a lady at a ball like an arrow? Beotnse the oanl w of without abow, and U in a (iiver till ahe geU "ne. Wliiit is the longmt word in the EnKlitb laoffuage? Smiles. Beoaase thoru is a tnile between the first and last letten. Whal - the differenoe between the doath of a barber and i seniptor? One curie up and dyesf; the other makea Faoea and basta. Why sbould I b the happiest of all th. vowol.t? Beoauae it is the enter ofbliss; while e is in hall, and all the others are in purgatory. What is the difierence 1 - 1 -v.s-i-.-n a fooi and a looking gtass? The fooi spetks without refleoting, and the looking glasa refleota withonl ipoaking.


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