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Love And Marriages

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Love has no age ; it is always jo birth. The ugliness of the husbaud is an addition to the beauty of the We - ('ii Romainelle. Marriage ia a lottery n which men take tlieir liberty and women tbeirbappini Madame de Kieux. I jLoveJ eives iiidgbi ud insight often gives fbreboding. Love is a fire whioh the Imrnt cliild never drcada. - La Rochofoucauld. And when u lady's In Hip case, Youknowjill other thlngi glve plaoe. (iiy. She who willingly lifts up the veil of her inarriod lite hasjirofaned it. f'roiu i sanotu ary unto a vulgar place. Love Is nol in powei Ny, wlittt seems stranger, Is not In onr Ikh. . , Weouly love whercfntoordaius weshould. And, blindly fond, oft silght superior uittilt. We look at the one liitle womao'e we love, as we look at the faoe ofour mol lier earth, and sce all f-ort of anawera to our own ycarningH.- (ieorgo Klltott. The man who tmly lovos, loves and lears iiot that anothcr ïuight be pref'errcil, hut that anothcr might be more worthy ol' preftreooe ihan hini Mulock. Love Is not love Wlilch allors wIumi II kltenttlon Bndi, Or iicnds with tho remover to renm e Oh, no! It Is sn evrr-ilxcil mark, Tliat looki on tempesta and ík oever sbaken. - SílukNp There is no oompengatioa f'orthe Iwoman who f'eels that the chiel' relation of her lif'e has been no more than a misiakc She baa lost her crown. The deepesrsecret of human blessedness has halfwhispered itself to her, thfin f'orever passsd her by.


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