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Paid Him His Own Measure

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bteoue punuhmenl oomea tooner or later to 11 practioal joken and pettörers. Theyshould ex peel t at any time. Sayat ïetra :ik in Penebseot, Me , there lived ;i man by the name ol' H , whoso greateal pleunn waa in tormentiog others. H owo Ikinily were geuerally the butta oi iii.-)ort. One oold and bluWriic uight, he raired to I''] at an early bour, hh wife being absent ata neijthbor s. Soma time at'ior, sbe. ou rciuiriing, SodUfg the door dorH, demandad admlttanoe. 1 Whoare you?" oried Mr. II . " Ymi knowwbo I am! Let me in- it'i very cold." " Bcf.'1'nfi, you strolling vaabond ! I want, noibiim of you b.ere ' " I5ni I imit oome 'm I" " Wbat i your name?" " '.i:i kiuiw my imuii' -itiaMrs! 11 . " HcL'one ' Mi. II is a very likely woman. Slic ncvor k. p.- luir houifí U tlii-. " Ifyou don't let me n," replica Mrs. II--. " I will drown myselfin tbc well." " Do ifyou piense he replied. She then took ;i lor aml pluned it iüto the wiil and returued to the side of' tindoor. Mr. II liearing the noise, rushod from the house to save, as ha supposed, his drowninj; wife. She, at the sume time, slipped in and olosed the door after her. Mr. LI , almorit nudo, in turn dein admittanoe. " Who are you? she demanded. " Vou know who I am ; let me in or I -IkiII l'reeze I" " Begoue, you proal rogoe, I wanl nothing of' you here !" ' Hut 1 must oome in ." " Whai is your name?" " u know my nauie - it is Mr. II " Mr. II ia u very likely man. He dön'l keep sooh late bours." Suffioe it tti aay, slie after keeping hin in tlie oold uutil she waa satiafied, oponed the do ir and let l'iiu in.


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