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Popular Sayings From Pope

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Although the poünis of Alexander Pope are seldom read at, the present day, people, without knowing it, quotu hiru more i'requently thun auy other autlior or book wiili the exception, perbaps of tho bible, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Isaac Watts, Benjamin Franklin and Esop. The following list of quotations will give sotne ideaol'liis popularity in tliis regard : Shoot folly as lt nies. Man never la. imt ïways to b, biest. l.o, the poor I lidian. Dia of a roso tu aromatic pain. Allitietmt ttrt of ütie Stupendolls wholc. Wlialfvci' is, ís rlglil. The proper stody of mankind u man. Qrowfl with olagrowtti umi rtrractbena wiih liiK strcugtli. Vloe I u monster of so frlsslitful mieu, etc. l'lriis'd wlth h rattle, tloklt-d wlth Itmw. . i. ¦¦ i .i. wrons wiuht' Ufe s in rlgnt. Order is lu-iMMi's lirsl law. Honor and alíame írom no condition rise ; Act well your piirt- there all the honor ]is. orth ln:il. - me man, Hip willt of il Uie lellow. An honCKt ïnan's tin? nobk'Kt work of Qod, Loolu tlirough natiiiv up Lo iiuluie's tiod. From gntve Lo %s&, tiom Uvely to uvere. Guidi', pnllOBopher mui frtend. .lust iis the twig Is bent tlie tree" lDcllned. Mistres of herself, üioukIi China lall. lio mi .11 decido whi'ii doctors d laag ree ? A littie I car n i ng is a dangerous tliini;. To ei r is huinun, to lörglve divine. (Toóla i usii i ti wuere angela fear to tread. I laiiui v i t li laint pi ulse. Wllllng to wound and yet afrald to strike. Breaklng a butterfly opon a wiieel. a umi the flow of tsoul. Weleome the coming, speed the purling JUI !. Do good to Htealth, and blnsli to ft ml it lame A ml deal damnation aronnd the tand, That inercy I toothers sliow, That tnerey Khow to nie. The niookery of woe. ThiK 18 the jew i hal Shakespeare drew, I:i il is tlie madness oi niaiiy tor thegnln ¦! a few.


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