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G. W. Childs' Munificence

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Mr. Geo. W. Childs, of Philadelpbia, i. one of tbe wealthiesl and most liberal mei ín ilic frorld. I K" luis au noome oí' severa Imiidicil thouwid dolían car, and sK.'iid thc nholfl ofil iluiu' good. Every Chrietmaa be makcs oaoh man n bis i ui ploy - aml he baa i bundred or moi L'il't n money, general! thc ontiic Mtablishment of 'he Philadcl pitia Ledger, trom thc editorin-chiof to ihi stoker who shovels ooal io tbe en lt i atao Mr. ( Ibilds' cttstem to retain op n hall'pav men who are disabled toD (iil to peíforcp tbeir duties. IIseven snoh now apon his pension rofl. Mr. ( Ihilda' libcrality i íoi [peodeá ii novel ways. One he gava .street-oar drivor in Philidelpbia a OVQMOBt; at aiKiilicr tilín1, he ent evory Dcwsboy or carrier, who sold bis papi ; clothing bouso, aad h:ui eacb une titted with a ocw rait ot olotbes. ( ne Thanksxiving day he not i turkty to the bous oi uvery poliwman and tireuian in tbe city. He has expended $5,000 in beantifviog a road which leads to his country resid so that he and his neigbbora n ay enjoy i in their daily drives to and fro.


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