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NoitTHPOHT, Wie., M:iv ü. 1879. Jamf.s I. Fki.lows, Keq., Sir : - I have been using your medicine for over a year now and witli the lust etfects, I have used V2 boules of the Hypo phosphites, and it hits made a new ruan ui me, I have been ailing over six years wit h a number of diseases, but lung difticully was the most prominent. I have been under the care of' a great niiiny doctors, ;ii 1 liave taken quantities of' mediciie without any apparent benefit, bnt appeared to be siill growing worse and weaker nntil eidentally canie acrons one of' your oircülars, and was eonstrained to try your medicine. and [ found itï effecta were almost mágica] upon me, and L was a surprise to mysoll and rnends, havinü gaiaed so rspidly ia H h. 1 remuio reepeotfully, laak'knci: i o .- Facani Places In the denla] ranks will never oec.ur il' yon are partieular wit ii yottl teetb, and oh them every day wiili tbut famoue I wash, SOZODONT. I'iom .mh t,-, old ajje it will keen the eoamel spotlcss and unimpaired. The teeth of per-ons wbo use SOZODÜNT have a ]eail like whitene.-s. and the a rodéate hue, while the breath is purified, and rendered and pure. It is componed iif raí tic herbp, and is entirely tree linm ODjuctionible and iojúrious ingrediente "f Tootb Pastes, &c Cause and Effect. The main cause of' nervousness is imiii-'csiion, and that i Bauasd by weakn the stouiach. No one eau have sound nerves and good health without usintL' ll"' Bitters to 8trengthen the Btoruach, purilj the blood, aud keep the liver and ki active, to oarry off all the pdÑOQOuj and waste matter of the system. 8ee other oolumn.- Advocate. Mothers! Kotkent! ÉoUiersüi ynu distarbed at nighl and !: of ynur rest by a siok t-liild sufferii1 erylng uitb the excrabiatiag pain of cuiand get a of MUS. WINSLOVV'S 8OOTHING SVIUI'. It will reKeve the linie snfferer imniedifttely- depend opon ii , thfire is ik nristake aboul it. The nol ¦ mothor oo oarth wbo Inn evei t, wbo will nol teil you at once that i( will regálate the bowels, and rive n-.-t to the motlier, and relief wód baalth to tlie öhild, operatini; like magie, ft is perféody safe to use in all cases, and pleasant to the tasto, and is the preFcription of one of the oldestand best femóle physicians and m in the (Jnited States. Sold cverywhere. 25 cents a bottle. 1007 Tho Seerei r Happlness. Huw ol'tcn have we longod f'or jcrti-et enjoyinent and have seldotn found it. MÍ8fortane lias oome, or 11 health oveitakui us. l'erhaps a ooogh haa oome upan us wliicb threateni that dreaded of all dis, oooBomptioD, and wc fee] thatdeath is near. With wha joy nbould we hefillcd then, when sueh a remedy as Dit.'s Nkw Disoovbeï foroonsumptioniai witliin our reaoh, Ithascured thoasands who re nearer tha grave than oui and made their liyes peacefal and ítappy. Astlmiii, Bronchitis, üoai voioe, diflSonlty of breathing, or any tion of the Tbroat and Lungs an cured by tbia Wondorful Digoovery. Non to giw you gatisfacl iry proof tbal Kino's New Discovïeï wiUcure, ifou will cali at Kberbach & S Si ire you can iet a trial bottle for ten cool recular sio bottlu for tl. 00. A Ladlcs WUh. "O, liow I do wit-h my -kin was as ulear and sof i Myours," Raid a lady friend. " Vou oan easily make it so," answered (be fïiend. '; Huw ?" i oq ui red tb first lady. By uaing 1 1 . f Bitters, that niakcs pure rich lilood and blooming h It did it for i in1 as you i bserve." Read of it. - Cairo Bulletin [mmaoolate and rich is the whiteneu of linen rinsed with A.UKüh an üai.i, i. It is absolutely pure and Ir -e linm all poisODOOfl iugredient.s. If You lilvo In x Mnlnria District Wcar the Llon Malaria and LlTCT Pad And Body and Foot Planters, It isa oef tain preventative against Obills and Ma laria Fevor ot'any kind, und il' then' isany trace of' it in the system it will thorougbly eradioate it. The wlmle (reatmen dollar. l('or salí: hy I ' Booklen'8 Árnica Salve. Tlio Best Salve in ilie world fur Cuts, Bruises, Sores, lilsers, Sa't lïl'.c'iui, Pever Sores, Tetier Cbapued Flands, Ohtlblaina, and all kinds of Skin Ëni I Salve i-, warrantcd to glva pi rfe istaetion in cvery or iiuniey refunded. Prioe 28 uents per box. Por sale by Eherliaeh ,V Son, Aun Arltpr. l'r. Baxter' e Mandrake Bittere act apon the itoautcb, livor tod bowelo, Mtretions, purify the blx A, and fortify tbc nystem agatunt aiseaae. Bonemen. Ask your oieroban tlenry & Johnaop's Árnica and (Ml Jniment, and keep it alwayf in the Btable, lo use in case of accident.


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