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" Dear me I It wasn't enough for me to nurse and raise a faniiiy ufiuy owo, but now, when I am oíd and expect to take a little comfort here, it is all the time ' send for mother.' " And the dear oíd oul growls and grumblea, but dressing herSelf as fast as she can notwithstanding. After you have trotted her off, aud got her safely in your home, and she fliesaround adminitering her remedies and rebuke.t by turns, you feel easier. It is right now, or soon will be - mother's come I ín sickness, no matter who is there or how many doctors quarrel over your case, every thing goes wrong, somehow, till you send for mother. In trouble, the first thing you thiok of is send for mother. But this has its ludicrous as well as its toucbing aspect. The verdantyoungcouple, to whoin baby's extraordinary grimaces and alarmÍDg yawns, wuich threaten the dislocation oí' its chin ; its wunderful aleeps which it accompliBhes with its eyes hall' open, and no perceptible flutter oí' breatb on its lipa, causing the young mother to imagine its dead this time, and to shriek out, "send for mother!" in tones of anguish- this young couple, in the light of the experience which thrae qr four babies bring, tind they have been ridiculous, and given mother a good many trots for nothing. I)id auy one ever end í'or tuotber and she fail to come ? Never,- unless sickness or the infirmities of age prevented her. As when, in your childhood, those willing feet responded to your cali, so they still do, and will continue to do as long as they are able. And when the summons comes which none yet disregarded, though it will be a happy day for her, it will be a dark and sadone for you, when God, too, will send for vour mother.


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