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A lady writes thus sensibly to a Western paper: " Make borne a home and make it one in every sense of the word. My husband is a great sraoker ; he loves to play cards, dominóes and chess; he is at perfect liberty to suioke io any room in the house, and I am always ready to join him in the different games. 1 endeavor in cvery way to be not only a helpmate. but a companion to him, and the reduit is that I have nnd enjoy his society. I cannüt understand why omen will run the risk of losing their husband.-.' sooiety and love merely for the sake of satinfying an over-fastidious taste. If they do not like tobáceo, did they object to his ueing it during their courtship? And it they objected then and failed, why did they marry ? If men will not give up such habit at the solicitation of their sweethearts, it is not litely they will be perHuaded out of them by their wives ; therefore I thiok it unwise for a wonian to risk her happiness by quarreling witli her huüband over a venal fault, the ezistence and extent of which she knew and perfectly understood before she took upon herself the duties of ¦i wifo."


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