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What Democrats Think Of Conger

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The cuuiineutsof the pres of all political shades oq the election of Ilon. Omar 1). Conger to the senate are, as a rule, of a very complimentary cbaracter, but therc is here and there a paper and ooca.iionally an obscure correspondent not altóle ther pleased witli the advancement. Thcre is no particular object in trying to paeify those who do not like Mr. Conger's record, buf in order to contrast thcir opinions with something substanüal ('rum a paper of high rank in the democratie party we reproduce the following from the New Vork Sun: The' translation to the senate of Mr. Conger, of Michigan, deprives the republicaus iu the house of their ablest aod safest leader. A thoroughgoing partirán, alert and eager in the cause, hia reputation as a man and a legislator is that of the purest. Conger's name is open to no reproach : do siain of jobbery or trickery attached to li i ui, and this, no doubt, is the secret of bis power aoiong bis associates. We observe that the democratie newspapers generully describe Mr. Conger as a man of acrid temper, but nothing could bc furtber from the truth. He is oue of the munt genial of men. and bis humor is siuiply oyerflowipi. No gentleman ever attaincd bis promiuence in the house, coinpelled ax such a perdón is to go about stoppiog cver.vone's schemes and trampling onc vcryone's toes, who had more devoted frieuds than 1 1 acrid representative from Michigau. I-Ie ia avage cuough in tightiug dcmocraLs as democrats, or thievcs as thicves , but off bis congressional legs, he is ao full of lium a n kiodness, fun, and ai, Bob [nganoU himself. Who arrest a calumniou tonguc, or who can stop the onseiiernos of caluinnious misropresentations? You may refute it, you may trace it to its souroe and exposé its authors, you may s-it't every atom, explain and annihilate it, and vet, like Greek fire, it remains unquenhrd and nnqueochable.


Ann Arbor Courier
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