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Too Sweet For Earth

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In glancing over the Ypsilanti Sentinel of Jan. l'jth, we find the CouaiER referred to as vituporative ; the Northwestern Christian Advocate called a fit companion for a couple of vile sheets formerly ñraed at Bay City ; the Ann Arbor Demoerat terrued a dish-rag ; the writers upon the Pree l'ress considered liars ; the Kvening Hemt iomething mone ; the Detroit Tribune contemptihle ; an nsinuation that the Ann Arbor Argus steals inferencca from its items ; and the New York World considered fetrüab; Thns mudi for newspapcr-i. In luoking still fuitherwe find that Bob Ingersoll "retains the worst part of Calvanism- minus God." The men who worked in the -Union miils wliich were blown up at Detroit rccently, were entirely to blame themselves for the disaster - they ought to have been at work "half an hour earlier;" the greenbackers treacherous ;" the Ilon. E. V. Meddaugh's plea for Mr. ('hri.-tiancy ontitled to 110 weight, and the lattcrgontlcniati's record good for nothing, becausc tlie woman wlio tnarried him had no public record to poise against it ;" the Carpcnter estáte in Kngland a humbug, or words to that effect ; Mr. II. K. II. Bower, of Ann Arbor, is ealled a "blather-skite ;" Detroit is accuscd of buying Mr. IiOrd into the national house of representativos ; the plan of closing schools liccau.c of scarlet fevcr and diphtheria a false one, as "tbe well cbildrcu are better guarded against contagiou by kecping them at school ;" a uiurdcrin Washington Co., Me., of a little boy by bis school-mate, is reeounted, and New Kngland thereupoii pronounccd, "fruitful of preoookxu crime ;" the subject of introducing currenl literatura into our schools is torever settled by being ternied "all bosh :" Mrs. Kte Chase read a leclurc upou extravagance, and retninded that "Pride goeth befure destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall ; " the recent match manufacturera' combination a direct result of "republican extravagance and a national debt," which makes millionaires of the few and paupers of the uiany ; a diatribe agaiost subsidies ; the fear of any danper from polygamy utterly groundless ; the new Chinese treaty, if it is "what it is said to bc, is the height of folly ;" a chapter on divorce in which this occurs : "our civil law regards marriage as a con tractof less importance than a horse trade." But we refrain from qouting further. I'erhaps the above is sufficient to display the beauties of a sweet and lovely disposition, disposcd to find something good in everything, and beauty even in the pebbles under our feet. How glorious existence must be to such a man ; how near the pearly gatcs of eternal bliss he must continually abide ; yea, it would be scarcely an effort for his gospel of love to "AlmoKt nnvell the rvirtalned dotne of Deily ¦"


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