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Lippincott's Magazine for Kebruary 1b the seoond numbernf a new series, andglves atisfuctory evldence of tbe improvementspromtsed at the time of the cbange. "Down the Hel RIver of the North,' by Allee Ilgenfrltz, Isa sprightly umi prufusely lllumrateti sketch of a trip through the province of Manitoba, a sectlon of our cou tinent that bas attracted considerable attentlon of late. In "A Celestial Colony" a graphlc descrlplion Is glven by 0. Baldwln of that part of San Francisco knowii as Chlnatown, wlthan account of the llfe of iu ('hiñese Inbabltants. Fiction is attractively represented by the serial "Llllth," whlch is ooiithiued wllli increaslng interest, and tbree capital short storten, viz., "Monsieur Paul's Heroism, " by Louise S. Houghton ; 'The Kourasotls," by Very Idtpoukhyn ; and "A Midwlnter Romance," by L. K. Black. The more solid articles of the number are All analytlcal description of "Welsh Woinen," by Wlrt Sikes ; a dlscusslon under the tltle of "Power-CenIrvs," by an old Journalist, of the various types of Journals, and thewliy and the wbereforeof thelr exlstence ; and "Among the CherokeeH," il account of that prominent trlbe, wltn obHervatlons made during a vislt, by A. M. Willintns. A brlglit sketch entltled "A Country Tavern in Winter,1' by Mary Deau. two striking poems, with the usual variety of "Monthly CioHsip" and Uterary crltlsms, forin the balM108 of a cholee number of thls Justly popular iiuvgazlne. ÖINSEÏ & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GKOCERY iHD FLOUR ANO FEED STORE. We keep conetantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKER8, CAKES, ETC, KOR WH0LE8ALB AND RBTAIL TRADE. We ehall siso keep i anpply of 8WIFT DSÜBEL'8 BKST WHITE WHBA1 PLOÜR. DBLHI FLOUR, RYK FLOUK, BUCKWHBAT FLOUR, CORN MSAL, FBED, 4c, Ac. At wtaulcsale and retail. i general stock ol ROCERIES AXD IIC is constADtly on hand, nhlch will be sold on aa rvaaon ablcterma ae atan; uther hone in tbe city. ('aêb paid for Butler, EggB, and Cunntry Product Kcuerally. IVUoodt dflivcrcd to any part of tbe city with out extra charge. yr KIN8BY HKABULT. ¦ pj w- m k Turwlvei ,j mtllaff ¦onej ho foWo II cbDO 1 offervd. tbertbr lwy kMptog por. II "ij fr.-m jour door. TboM wb alwcja tk I Ij I WM ilTftsug f th Lcxxj ohftoca for mikmt II I I WT inoocT Ibat are offr1, geoarallj bccodie I i ltb, hile tboM wbo do Dot improva ¦¦ch II I rhaiMM rrmftil ia ovtrtf. We waai maoy II Ulii men. omes, bors nd girU to work for ui rigbt Iu thrlr owo localltifM. Tbr bollaeii wtll tJ mor toas. Ka uiiiei ordlnarT wafaa. We furulib ao ekpeDiive outdt and all that jou oeed, Tree. Ne oor whe eogc' raila to nake uiuuej verj rapidlT. Yeu cao deiour jour waole time to tbe erk, or ¦ olj jour imbcdu. Full iufurojattoo aod all ILali. ueded rut free Áddrsie SriKto Ce , Portlaad. Malee. 1U07 M


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