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ANNUAL STATEMENT For the yenr ending Dtoamhflf tlsd A. D. Uttfl the condit ion and alTtrn f ihe WASETENAW MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO., Located at Aon Arbor, Michigan, oiya.nled nnde the luwe of the state of Michigan, and duim; bu-l nette In the county of Wasbteuaw, in eaid state John J. Kobloon, Pre.; Newton ï-heldon, Sec'y. nMWH Numbcr of inetnbere December -'Uit, of prevlous year J,ÍW9 NuiniHT ii m inltt-m aililiil during the present year l& Totl MM UediK't uuniberof member wtbdrawii dnriiiK ibe year, and canceled pollen - by reason of Mie or otberwine 150 Numbi-r of membern uow bHo;;l"K ' cempany -'.'"'¦ Amonnt of property at rii-k December Ml ui previoiiM year N,rT2,710 Amount of rbka added áus"'-' present yrar 372,910 Total 4,44.r.ti2U Peduct rlsks cauceled, willidrawn, ur u-rniinated :W1,2O5 Ni l nraonut uowatriak byconjpany II. mi 1.115 RE8OUBCM. Amouni oí premium or depoait notes now in force Amount of cash premium (or aesestiments) actuallj on hand 5 004 89 Amount ol oututandiug aseainient8 not canceled IM 4S Nature and amount of all other re-sourcea, vlz.: Power to hire money to pay losees Totl reiourcet 7 ;7 LUBIL1TIIS. Claims for loaaes due and payable $ 8 0C Claim for loaees not matared 2,a 4 Claims for loases reslsted 1,313 65 Nature and anionut of lil otber claims, viz .: Biiuk note 3,000 00 Total liabilltlca $6 91 W INCO1I. Amount of premium on depositootca taken during the yer Ainouutol cash premiums received during the year t 3:(7 5 Ainouut collected on asaesaments wbicb were levied dnrlng the present year 4.tf92 H' Amount collected this on aanetiimeuta whicb were levied in prior year 1,329 Oü Amouut received frotu memberebip or policy fee 157 25 Amount leecivod fiom percentage on incruaned or decreased iusnrance '.' 0.K' (XI Income trom all other Bources, viz.: Borrowed from cash balance of previou y'ra 29 :fi Prom canceled policlee 40 86 From ten per cent v 13 27 Total ncome for the year $8,tU9 38 EIPINDITIBKH. Amount pid for losses durini; the year (of which f92.07 occurred In prior yeara)... f6,385 61 Amouut of aalary and fee pald to omcers and director a per items in scbedule A 1,272 17 tAmonnt of all otber expendttures durln the year aa per schedule B 356 71 Total expenditures dnrlng the year.. #8,014 4S t BCHIDULI A. Preaident-John J. Robiaon 222 OS Secretad -Newton Sheldon 500 OU Director- Allen Crittenden 19 81 " H.M.Mowry 214 (W E. A. Nordman 94 75 John Cook 2190 Assistant Director -T. B. Uoodspccd 1 OU Total Schednle A 1,272 17 X RCHrorn.E;B. Interest Í120 57 Kent 53 00 Recetver 40 42 Poatage 35 45 Printing 31 25 Attorney 35 00 Arbitrators Í1 00 8tatlonery i 70 I.ivery 170 Uefunded 3 85 íailing circulara 3 25 Check stamp 100 Sundrle 8 02 Total Schedule B f358 71 MltCILLANCoUS JUESTIONH. 1. How muuy assessments have beeo made duruh the year? Ana., Une 2. What is tbe amount of all the assensments made durini; tlie year f Ans., f 4,790.58. i. What, if tbe rate per cent. of such assesamenta on the property ingured ' Ans., .0012 per cent. 4. What Is the rate per cent. of sucb assessment on he premium or deposlt notes ? Ans., no per cent. 5. Wbat amonnt was re-asscned for HbisessueiiU hat were not paid t An., none. 6. What amount of losses are allowed to acrumiiate before any assencuieut is k-viedï An., )oaeö aid in 30 days by hirlng. 7 Does the company in makini; an axseeHment. rovided tbereln lor any surplus fuud over tbe actual osses accrued. If so, bow much r Ans., estimated expenses for the ensurng year. 8. What proportion ol tbc actual los Bustained by a policy-holder does the compaoy pay y Aus.,twohirdn. TATE OF MICHIGAN. County of Washtenaw, sa. John J. Roblson, president, and Newton ShelIod, secretary of aaid company, do, and each lor ïimself doth depoee and say. that they have read be foregoing statement, and know the content nereof, and that they bave good reuson to believe aid statement to be trae. JOHN J. KOBISON, Presidnt. NEWTON SHELDON, Secretary. Sworn and subscribed before me, at Ann Arbor, in aid state and connty, this eleventh day of January, A. D. UU. CHAS. H. RIC11MOND, Notary Public, Washtenaw County, Micb. DOWN! DOWN! Havinc; determined to close ont my Winter Stock to make room for new Spring Goofls, I stall offer my iïlSlIi ov Reafly-Made Mini, ün Jerwear, Gloves anti Mittens AT COST FOR 30 DAYS. Snits and Palts To Orfler at Cost, in orier to keep the tailors employé! I Ml III. CLOTHIER, i. 9 m n, 988-1049


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