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Tlmt culd wave has struck us agaio. An iiifant child of Louis Snyder, oi' the Üü w:ud, died Wodnesday evenirifr. Next Sunday the Chinaraen of our city propose to celébrate, as tbat is their New Year'sday. _ Kvcry time the Ypsilaoti screech owl screeches, the Ann Arbor jackdaw jabbers back approvingly. It is stated that Mr. Theodore Taylor, the grocer, is about engaging in the auction business ia Uotroit. Slight advance ia the price of pork has been made. 5.75 per cwt. being the present raarket quotations. Ourjail is being ovt-rrun with trampa. They like the idea of having regular uieals, lodgings and no work to do. The Ann Arbor agricultur&l couipany, has appuinted Mr. John Devine, Jr. , of Dexter, as traveling t-alesman. Prof. W'iiiclit'll was greeted with a fair fized audience last Tuesday evening, in his liclure before the reform club. A freight (rain ofí the track near Delhi un tlM M. C. K. II., delayed trains WVdnesdiiy iiiorning four liours. Anütliir lamp pust gonc down at the Bomer 'ií' Spring and High streets which was run uto by a sleighing party. The 2d liuitit ohnrah people, (colored) of thia city, held a festival last Tuesday cvening lor the benefit of the society. m Kiigcne Wioka, a resident of the 4th ward of thÏH city, died last Wednesday ïnuriiing of pneumonía, aged 30 years. u)oryoiril H flut. Tiimble?- Ann Arbor ('oukirk. Youbet! Ve luiiibled twloe.- Iii;Ii:iiii Ooanty l'eiiiciini!. Corraot. Xext. Dan lo do right, Inre to be true, KIcK at yonr mother-in-law, Jf 8he kicks al you. - Qalesburg Express. Justicu Winegar sentenced John Martin and Mike Koach last Tuesday, to twenty days in ba county jail, for being disorderly. Bridge or no bridge, that's what agitates the average mind of the people who have to cross the Huron on l'ontiac street, nowadays. Fruit growers in thia vicinity now pretty generally concedo that the peach erop will be nearly, if not a complete failure, the coming season. Mrs. J. Ganihorn, died last Tuesday afternoon, at the residence of her son Jacob tíanzhorn, aged 75 years. Funeral oceurred yaiterday afternoon. Our republican readers will please note the cali made for a county conventioo, ir anothcr column. It is February Sth. Ooe hundred hands are employed by the Ann Arbor agricultura! company. A few days sinco the company shipped a carload of plows to orth Carolina. The snow feil to the depth of about one foot tho fore part of the week, and the way the "nagi" have been made to earn their oats, hasn't been at all slow. The winds of yesterday and day before drifted the snow very badly on some of the country roads and on some of the sidewalks of the city, also, we notice. The water power which supplies Ailes & (xretton's machine .shop was found to be insufficient for the demands of their busin s, and they have put in an engine. Mm. Francis Willard, of Evanstoo, III., lias been engaged, t is stated, to deliver twenty speeches in this city and vicinity, on tiu vr.)i.u.icd coimtituüoiial amumliueut. Do not forget the famous lectureof Rev. J. Alabaster on " Michael Angelo," at the M. K. Church, next Wednesday evening, the 2d inst. it will be well worth hearing. A litile girl baby weighing only 40 ouDces made itsappearance at Chris. Shumacher's liouse the other night. He proposes to name il aflcr Minnie Warren, the Hliputian. Rcv. J. Alabaster, at the M. E. church, is to inaugúrate a series of lecturas next Sabbath evening, upon the ten commandBMBta, etoMMMiog at that time with the Int It is stated that those desirous of going to Washington on the 4th of next Maren can obtain a round trip ticket from either Toledo or Detroit for $17. Wil! you take it in ? The two lots on South University avenue, 8Mt of the Psi Upsilon house, have been panhaaed ly Mr. R. Waples, onwhichhe purposes to erect a 6ne residence next spring. TIn; decisión of the supreme court reipwtiag the sending of disorderly people to the Ionia houso of correction, will oost the peoplf uf thi.s state luany thousands of Jollars. l'rof. lv O. Haighf, one of the early ftraduate.-i of the state normal school, at Ypsilanti, has accepted the presideocy of 'he Vincennes university, at Vinoennes, Indiana. ? II' yuu have the least desire to 6nd out about Michael Angelo, the sculptor, paintt, poet and architect, attend the lecture next Wednesday evening, Feb. 2d, at the M. E. church. The Ann Arbor Couribb hos entered upon tta tweutleth volume in a very prosperous conilltlnii It Is a brlght and newsy sheet and deerveN success.- Bay City Tribuno. We put.the above at the top of the page in our scrap book. D. B. Green, of Yptilanti, one of the county superintendents of the poor, was placed upon the comiuittee upon legislatioD, at the recent meeting of superintendents at Lansing. At the clinic of the medical department lat Saturday a poor inan.deaf and dunib, with iailing eyesiglu, was given treatrnent, gratis, and the class very geoftrouily gave liini .¦_'.') in cash besides. Next Sabbath uiorning, at the l'nitai iuii Chnreh, Mrs. Sunderlnnd is to speak on " Lydia Mari Child." In the evening Rev. J. T. Sunderland delivers his second discourae upnn " Charities." The team of Wm. Mason, of Northfield, ran away on North Main street last Tuesday evening, breaking up the slelgh and harness somewhat, and throwing out Mr. Mason, but not injuring hini. The Muehlig store, No. 35 South Maiu atreet, has been purchased by A. L. Noble, the price paid being $8,000. He wilt put in an entire new plate glass front, and move into it about the first of April. Last Tuesday uiorning, the 25th inst., Jas. McCreery, of Webster, a baother of Wrn. McCreery, of this city, died of typhoid pneumonía, aged "8. Funeral services were held yesterday moroing. ? Martin Stiff, a Holly niiller, failed for $2.r,000, and the creditors received $970. That's a "stiff" that they wouldn't cry over, f it went into old Nagley's vat at Ann Arbor. - Adrián Press. For senator In 1883 - Who? The Herald can name the man.- Uraml Traverse Herald. Well, why don'tyou blurt it out? Why do you sit thcre in such a knowing way, and wink, when we all want to know, you know ? In our item last week giving the officers of the Keek furniturecompany, the namesof the directors were omitted. They are: W. D. Harriman, John Keek, L. Gruner, Chas. E. Hifcock, Joe T. Jacobs, J. J. Ellia, Moses Seabolt. Mrs. Charlotte Curtiss, of Lapeer, the lady who met with such a terrible death laat week, is an own cousin of Lorenzo Dvis, of thiscity. He speaksin the highest terms of the goodness aud purity of the uüfortunato lady. Juat thiuk ol it! They have au egg pickling establishment in Kalamazoo, from whieh 100 barrels of this kind of fruit wéVe shipped recently. Some ono could get rich in a very short tiuie by opening such a bonanza here. Tlie univcrsily muical society and choial union will sive their next public rehearsal at university hall on Friday evening, February 4th. Tlie adniission of ten cents need debar no lover of good musie from enjoying a musical treat. That January thaw will have to start in pretty suddenly or else it will be too late to answer to its name. You know the oldest inhabitant who has resided here "nigh onto forty year," saya there "never was a January without a thaw." On Monday evening next at the residence of Judge Coolcy, Prof. Tuttle will read a paper on " Personal recollections of Prince Bismarck," for the benefit of the ladies' library. Lecture will eommenoc promptly at eight o'clock. On Wednesday, of last week, Mrs. D. W. Bliss, aged 74 yeara, died at her home in the first ward. She was a native of New York, but came to this city in an early day, and had been a resident of this city for a period of forty-aeven years. Those of our readers who heard the music furnished by Mr. Wilsey on the occasion of the recent New England dinner, will not be surprised to learn that some of the party are meeting with great success giving concerts in this vicinity. A merry party of young folks came to the city last Wednesday evening from Ypsilanti, put up at the Gregory house, had a supperand dance, and ajoyful time generally, until about 3 o'clock a. m., yesterday. There were 50 couplet. There is to be a rehearsal tbis afternoon by iuembers of the "th grade of tue grammar school, in Miss Pond's room. It is to consist of declamations, original compositions, music, etc, to whicb are invited the parents of those taking part in the program. The agricultural society has again dceided that no liquor shall be sold upon tlie fair grounds at the exhibition next fall. That'sright. There is no reason why our county fair grounds should be turned into a saloon. Thero are plenty of them down street. ?? Ilochester Spectator : "It is reported on good authority, that the Grand Trunk railway has swallowed up the Michigan Air Line, also the Toledo ft Ann Arbor road, and that the Consolidated road will herafter be called the "Southwestern Grand Trunk railway.' " The Ann Arbor typographical union, No. .54, recently elected the following office rs: President- John W. Keatlue Vloe-ProWcnt-Eü J. Mortou. Ree. Sec'y- O. c. Bacon. Financial Sec'y and Treasurer-Jas. B. Saunlm Sergeantat-arms- Converse O. Cook. The temperance meeting on Sunday after noon will be oonducted by the W. C. T. U. It will be addressed by Col. I. W. Tucker, of Columbus, Oliio. Ifany one wants to hear a lirst rato talk on temperance lcthim be sure and come to tho opera house at three o'clock, p. m. Among tbe tuany valuable exchauges whlch we recelve each week we flml none ko worthy of hlghencomlumsas the Ann Arbor Cocriek. The Coukikk rank among tho beat papera In the state, and yet Ut baan of many an Imhiible publlsher Is caiiNetl to rejolce over a frlendly notlce through lts colunius - Bancroft Sentlnel. Ofcourse we can' t "talk back" after being so prettily noticed. It is very gratifyiag to the parents and mauy friends of Mr. Ulysses T. Foster, in this city, to learn that the coro.ner's jury in the Union milis disaster at Detroit, exonerated him from all blame in the matter. Mr. Foster was general manager of the milis, and somewhat injured in the explosión. The Michigan Central folks are putting in a new floor at their depot in this city. If they would put up a new depot they would hit the mark much more acccptably to Ann Arborites. This oity furnishes more passenger and freight business than any on the line until Jackson is reauhed, yct it ha the worst looking buildings. A subscription was started in this city Wednesday, by John Schumacher, for the purpose of raising money to defray the expense of the campaign in favor of the coustitational amondment for probibition, provided it is submitted to the people by the IegisUture, and the three subscriptiona heading the list amount to $40. They inust have had sharp figurera upon the election board of the llth ward io Detroit, at the last election, as a recount of the votes just made, gires Francis Alter a majority of more than 80 over E. W. Simpson who was counted in by 19 majority at the time of the election. This change givos the demócrata a representativo in the couDcil in place of a república. The following item from the Eaton Rapids Journal has a heap of truth tucked away in its sentences: When a farmer plcks up a home paper and sees every rellable buslneM flrm represen ted In lts columns by good, healthy advertl.sementa, he ays to i) Iraself at once : "That 1 n business plnce: the merchantt are energetlr, iwake and tip to the times, they are tryIng t build up Ihelr town and enhnnce the lnterests of the siirroundlng couutry. They dcsrrvea Ilitle patronage aiidlhev sh'all have ralne." The Clinton News man found a knlttlug netnlle and advertíais In the News llmt the owner can have It by provlng property und paylnK fr the notlce. Thai' "sock-liiK" H rluht totem ('louqh Corone ueedle, darn ua If lt isii i. -Adrián Press. That's a pretty " yarn " to be "spinning" 'round the country. He atole the needie to pin up his suspenderá %ith whon the button came off. Don't you see the "point?" Hereafter justices of the peacc will have to find some other place for tramps than the Ionia house of correction, as it has been decided that they cannot be sent there hereafter. It costs the state too much, it is claimed. Well, what shall be done with them ? Isn't it just as long as it is broad, as the people have to foot the bilis, anyway? ______ According to the new apportionment of the state central committee, allowing one delégate or every 500 of the total vote cast for governor at the last election, Washtenaw County will be entitled to twenty delégate to the coming state convention, to be held at Lansing, Wednesday, Feb. 23d, instead of sizteen as heretofore. It is stated that Uev. Dan. R. Shisr, of Saline, who is acting as agent for the con.stitutional amendment fund in this county, has secured the following amounts : At Ypsilanti, $110; Saline, $102.35; Chelsea, $104; Delhi, Stony Creek, Dexter, Lodi and Whitmore Lake, each $50. Dexter has also pledged $25 additional. How much will Ann Arbor give 't Laat Mcmday evening there was instituted, in tbis city, a lodge of Hoyal Templars ol' Temperance, with a mernbershif. of 20, the following oflioers being choson ; Select Coiineelor Chas. B. Davlson. Vlce ('ouncelor- Henry K. H. Itower. Past Conncelor- L. B. Kellogg. liaphun -Eer. E. A. Spence. ('or.Secretary- James B KuuikUtx. Financial Seoretary- Ueo. W'. Moore Treasurer- NelKon Snthiriund. iierald- I). J. Fisher. Uuard- I.inus White. Sentlnel-H. Richards. Kev. W. II. Perrine, D. D., of Albion college, and manyyearsago pastor of the M. E. church n this city, died very suddenly at liis home on Sunday last, of pleurisy. 1 1 1 was well k in ih n throughout the state and was reckoned as one of the ablest divines of the Methodist deuomination in Michigan, fie was born Oct. 8, 1827, and graduatad at the age of 26. With his wife he visited the Holy Land in 1858 and again in 18C8. A friend who reads the Courier regularly, hands us this item, wliich is a pretty tall ooe, to say the least: "The town of Lanslngcan boastof the tallest eirl of her In the United States. Blie is less Hian 17 years old and stands over seveu feet In height, and yet grows. It takes a Hule of the life out of ifck item though, when we see it credited to the Moravia (N. Y.) Republican. We thought it was l'uony that our Lansing newspaper men had nevor trotted lier out before, if she had been a resident there. --. The ibllowing item, cut from the Big Kapids Current, is applicable to this locality as well as that : People generally wonld confer a great favor lf, on lntroducing thelr frieiuis to an editor, they would glve the ïnltlals or glven names of sucn frleiuls and thelr place of resldence ; and by way of Incidental remark laform the knlght of the o ui 11, who is ever on the watch for 'Items' when the frlends arrlved. All tbis can be done lunch moreeaslly than the news gleaner can ascertaln lt by round-ahout queBlTona. Here Ís an example : Mr A. recelves a vlslt from Mr. B. and his wlfe of New York. On introduclng A. says: "Tlils is Mr. J. Q. li , a friend of our, from New York, who with hls wlfe dropped Ín upon us unezpectediy last Saturday evening " .iuny snob items are lost beoause of tlieluablli'yoi the editor to obtaln the details mentioned: On last Friday evening January 2lst, the membersof the eighth grade of the grammar school, to the uuuiber of sixty, took a sleigh ride out to Mr. James Osborn's, ome three miles west of the city, where they were handsoniely, yes, right royally entertained, by Mr. and Mrs. Osborn and their daughters. The refreshments servcd upon the occasion were sumptuous, and richly merited the ampie justice done them. Those who went cannot weary in of the good time enjoyed, and of the pains taken for tbem. Yesterday morning Jereiniah Peek, of the 3J ward of this city, died after a protracted illness. He was 6C years of age, was born in Pennsylvania, and carne to this state nearly a half centnry ago, all of which time, save a brief residence with his son at Pinckney, he has lived in this city. He was a carriage trimmer by trade. The deccased was at one time tax collector for the village of Ann Arbor, and bas for several terms held the office of alderman for the 3d ward. His remains were taken to Pinckney for interment. The executive committee of the county agricultural society recently held a meeting and v. ctod Klam S. Worden superintend. ent of the next county fair, and John SNowland, roar.hal. The president of the society E. T. Walker, of Salem, appointed the following business committee : Chairman, J. W. Wing, Scio ; Chas. II. Worden, Ann Arbor ; Sampson Parker, Lima ; Emery Leiand and W. M. Doty, Northfield ; I). M. Finley, Scio ; W. D. Smith, Dexter. Another meeting will be held to-morrow, at lOo'clock, a. tn. It was resolved that no liquors should be sold upon the grounds. The woman's Christian temperance union, of the university, has secured Mr.-. Anuie Wittenmyer, of Philadelphia, I'a., to lecture on tempcrance, Sunday evening, Jan. 3Oth, at eight o'olock, n university hall. No adniission fee, but contribution boxea at the doors. The society is to ba conjratulated upon securing the services of this lady. She has loDg been at the head of the teaiporance work in this country. Until the last election of officers, she was president of the W. C. T. U. of the United States. Don't fail to hear her. Subject: "The danger and the remedy." A frame house, occupied by Harrison Lucas (colored) situated on Volland street, near Furest Iiili cemetery, was dewtroyed by fire last Tuesday afternoon. Most of the furniture was saved, and a portion of' the goods were insured. There was no ono in the house when the fire was disoovercd. This house was one of tbe oldest in the city, being fornierly the residence of Dr. R. S. Suiith, and removed to the lot on which it burned by him some twenty years ago to make way tbr the brick dwelline now standing on the nortb side of Wasbtenaw avenue, where it intcrsccts North and Kast University avenues. The house was owned by an eastern party. At a gatheriog of the pioneers of Salem at the residence of J. B. Vanatta, on the lDth inst, a very agreeable time was enjoyed. The average ages of those present was 74 years. Mr. Vanatta is a pioneer of the first class. He carne to Michigan ia tlie year 1836, and first settled in Oakiand County, for a short period, then catne to Salem where lic bas resided, on the game farm ever since, which is oalled the Sunny miIc farm. After partakiüg of a sumptuous dinner, gotten up and presided over by Mrs. Vanatta and daugbter, inging was iodulged in and prayer offercd by Rev. Mr. Hedges, after whioh the party separated. The receipts, f218, durlnu: the recent temperance revival were just sumcient to meet expenses.- Ann ArborC'ourler. Our readersmust not Infer that the expenses were fboted up after the exact amount received had beeu kuown, as that would be doubtlng the honesty umi veraclty of Unit particular Aun ArborlU) who so preclsely adjusted the " eternal fitness of thlngs." Special regard should be ahonn the man who considera that a temperance account, llke a temperance man. should inniiitaln lts equlllbrlum.- Ollsvllle Telegram. Now if that little word "about" had been sandwiched in between "just" and "sufficient," as it should have been, the Telegram would have lost its point. We can say, however, that the printer's bill - this last word isn't made a plural any more - wasn't in when the figures given by us had been made. Oen. Geo. E. Bain, of Kentucky, who is credited with haviog been at various times in his career, senator, general in the rmy, and member of congress, and who is now said to be the most eloquent tem perance lecurer in the land, has been secured by the Ann Arbor reform club, for a series of lectures at the Presbyterian chureh. He is to speak here Thursday, Frjday and Saturday, the 3d, 4th and 5th of February next, and on the afternoon of Sunday, the 6th, he will speak at university hall. Everybody should hear him. The following is what they tliink of him where he has spoken : He speaks rapldly, yet distlnct : always klndly ; goes from humorous to pathetlc in a twlnkllng; charms you with hls versatlllty; awei you wlth hls oratory ; and makes you IuukIi, cry and cheer all in the same breath.- Salina HiTiiki, Kansas. He is a brllUant specimen of the Kentucky orator, havlng all the flreand impeluosity of southern blood, controled by a cultured and well-balanced mind His lectures are unreportable. We would as soon undertake to map out the courseof chain-lightulng In the luidst of a tompest. He abuses do one, and titlks wlth ¦narvelouH rapldlty and telling eSect.- Cedar Uapids Daily Rebubllcan, Iowa. Last Suoday the lower town fire couipany insisted that the opera house was on fire ; while the up town firemeo went ''lickety splinter" on a seventy five cent gallop for the fifth ward, to extinguish a magnificent conflagration said to bein progresa there. Both met, as if by chance, on the high road to each conflagration. Both were surprised, eaoh to seo the oiher. It was evident some one had blundered ; "but theirs not to reason why ;" the only thing to be done was to turn around and go home. Then some of the boys spoke out loud, while others pocketed the ruse, and gloomily helped pull back the machines, lt all hapened in this way, we are informed. Charley Manly wanted to speak with one of the boys at the fifth ward engine room, and called the central telephone office to that effect. The central office called the fifth ward station, wliioh s in the engine house, and told bim he was wanted at the opera house. He didn't wait to learn wbat was wanted, but took it for granted that the rfpera hoftse was on fire, so rang the alarm and started up town. Hearing the fifth ward alarm ringing, the up town boys also rang mi alarm, and started for the fifth ward. That's what caused the panic Sunday. Last Friday night, at university hall, the people of our city listened to one of the most satisfactory lectures which the cnurse has yet furnished. The inner life of a war correspondent was graphically portrayed by Mr. Arehibald Forbes, and the scènes through which he passed pictured out so plainly that one might almost imagine the battle fields before him. The lecturer, however, was not an orator. His delivery was not pleasing or his enunciation quite as distinct as one could wish, and seemed to be accomplished with much effort. Some way it is extremely difficult to combine greatness and oratory in any one man. It is painfully noticeable that the more celebrated any person has become in any walk of life, the less pleasing he is upon the lecture platform, the degrees gencrally diverging according to the height of fatne attained by the lecturer. Mr. Forbes paid a glowing tribute to the American correspondents with whom he was thrown in contact, in fact giving to an American the credit of introducing the modern idea of war correspondence. He was the most liberal Englishman we have ever heard, and his liberality was the result of intímate aoquaintance with several of our countrymen in tbe same line of work witb himself. He was greeted with a large audience, as he would be again if he should ever return. Sucti lectures are popular with our people, and of real valué to the listeners.