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Company A's Bazar

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At tbe meeting of the membcrs of Cnmpany A last Monday evening, they fully resolved to "take in" the inaugural ceremonies at Washington on the third of March next, and appointed a committee to make all necessary arrangements for a bazar, to be held week after next, conimencing February 8th, and continuing through until the following Tuesday. It is hopcd to make this surpass anything of the kind ever held here yet. The company then 8ubscribed $100 with which to purchase an elegant bedroom suite to be given as the first prize. At the next meeting they propose to raise $7.1 for a silver tea set ; $50 for a silver water service, to be given to the university secret society receiving the largest number of votes ; also $50 for a lady's gold watch, which will be presented to the lady receiving the highest number of votes. These presents will all be purchased by the members of the company, and will amount to $275. The ladies will then be asked to furnish a few fancy anieles which will be necessary to make a complete bazar. A lso any assistance which they may be able to render will be thankfully accepted.


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