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Estáte of Joshna (MEM QTATK OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenw,aa Al easion of the Probate Conrt for Ihe County of Waihtenaw, hold.-n at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the eleTenth day of Jauuary. in the yiir one thouiand elirht hundrrdand oue. Pnust, Wiiliam D. Harriawn, Judïe ol Probate. In the matter of the i-state of Joshoa t'nahman, deceaaed. Ou reailioK and flliiiK the petltlon, duly verittud, of Warren Uuaumaii, praylnj; that a certain Instrument now on ñle In thls conrt, pnrportlDK to be tbe last will and testament of aald deceaaed, may be aduiitted to probate, aud tliut hc uiay be auuuiiitwl exacator thm-of. Thureapon lt la ordered, that Mondaj, theaeventh aay of t ebruary next, at ten o'clock in the loreuoon oe aaalfrned for tbe hearlne of aaid petitlon. and that the devliee, legatee and heira at lawofcaid decauei,and II other peraom Intereated in aald eatate, are required to appcar at a seaalon of aald court, tht-n to bc boWen at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and nhow cause, it any there be, wby the prayer of Ihe petltionerahould not h grauted. And t ia further ordered, that said petitloner givt: notlce to the persons Intereated in aald estáte, of the Dendency of sald petitlon, and the hearing thereof, by caualne a copy of taia order to be publlshed in the Anu Arbor Uurier, t newpaier printed and clrculateil I county, three euccaslve weeka previotta to aid day of hearing. (A trae copy.) WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, _,, _ _ Jndee of Probate. WM. G. DOTY. Probate Registur. 1W1-M J. A. POLHI Ml s LIVERY STABLE The best and most cx'cnaive in the city. HACK AND BUS LINE Running to all tralns nlght and day. ONLY LINE WHICH RUNS TO NIGHT TRIINS. The bent hack in tho city for ladies calllng. Ordera Ulied pramptly for all kinds of conveyanceg. Pirticular Attention to Order, for Fsasri:, CciH. MilN AN1 CiTllAllINE Stk , Ml H II ¦ MI4IIH. % MI4M


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