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Dare To Do Right

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If mn humble contrlte brother. Ctftthtd in rags, comes to Um d Ptufrtinrr for a kindly frclcome, Stat i He means 10 sin no mure, Wnuld a thousand arms support hii Helpirifj liim upon his k-et, Uttg liTm a ti icnd and hrother. Giving hira m honored seatf PaÜcnce the (Mc comiition, Abstmence fi ra future mii. These woald make il your pUin rt ¦ ¦ To receive the wanden r in. lf the wretched life behind him Could be blotted f rom the muid "Xot what hc was hut what he is M Si nee irotn wickedness rcdeeitcd ; Thïs, the sentiment prevailing In the public soul today. Deeming none as lost or hopelesk lf but for themstrlves they prav . Shall we shun the fallen sister, Whose sad face and pleading eyr Turn so wistfully lor men y, Wh'ch her broóier man denie f lf ahe ia tbc "wenker vetsel' Soooest by her sin betrayed, ShaU we leave her in her son Lest her presence here Uegradc , And contamínate tlie purest Of pure women ín the land? She was made in God's own In Shall we tak e her by the haud f Leading her in paths of virtuc, Washing all her slns away, Since the pure and loving Saviour Taught us even fAr these to pray I She was once a guileless infant Sitting on hrr mother's knee, But temnUtion and betrajal Made iter the vile thinjr we sec. '.'. tlie poor. unhappy creature, Steeped Ín sin ana dark with sharur, Has a soul ; then, sh dl we help her To restore a taroished name) These we know are trying o-itstions. And thelr answer proves your ml If we Uke a fallen brother. ' One with us in "the good fight," That shall overeóme all evil, Daring ever to do right, Shall we f rom the wretched sister Turn so cruelly away. Leaving her so sad and hope les, Shut Torever from ihc d-y? There is one who judgeth wisely, Are we better in His pig ht Than the Christ who saved the lost onotF Let us dare then to do right t


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