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The Pronunciation Of "u."

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Ninetynine out of every hundred Dorthcroers willsay institoot instead ofinstitute, dootv for - a perfect rhyme to the word beauty. They will csll new and newn. noo and noos, and i-o on tbrough the dozens and hundreds of similar words. Nota dictionary in (he English languige authorir.ei tliis. In student and cupid the " u " has the same sound as tnoould, and should not be pronounccd Moodent and coopid, as so roany teachers are in the habit of pronouocing them. It is a vulgarirtin to cal! a door a doab - as we all admit - isn't it as uiuoh of a to cali h newpaper a noopapnr? One vulgarism itn norttiern and the othcr southern - that's the only difforunee. When the Loridon l'uuch wishes to burlcsque the pronunciatiou of wrvante, it luakc them oall the duke the dook, the tutor the tooter, and a tube a toob. Vou tiever find the best northern speakers, ueh ai Weudell l'hillips, George William Curti.-. Holmes, Kmerson, and uien of that cI6S, nayingnoo for niw, Toosday for Tucuday, aveuoo for avenue, or calling a dupe a doop. It II tault that a outherner uever falls oto. He bas slips enough of another kiud, but be doesa't blip on the long "u." As uany of our teachers have never bad Iheir attenlion oalled to tbis, I hope they will excuse thia noiic.


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