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Cultivation Of Self-respect

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A ciiilil tli:ü unitornily treated with courte.iy, witli consideratinu, with justice, will unoonsciously deem biumelf worthy of'it, unid ho in by nature wholly base; and he UMMsiaMfe treats othtrsas he is treated. It is a t'earful thiiur to u-ivc a child the lie, tú accusc him of stealing, to accu.stom liim ! to unerpected and unnieriujd blows ;mil cuffs. He may iinrit puuishiuent, but the ÍM pareot ucver will adiuit iiitn the liousohold voeabulary the terrible word.s "liar" and "thief," atid will never peruiit iti himsolf or others the hasty blow, the liitt.'r taunt, tho tingiug epithet. The ri'tiiK-'l and educated parent can never tolérate sut'h language as we have iodicated. Bitter word.-" are inore cruel than blowx, aml inflict more lantiog ioinríes. ('are in the choice of asociate.-i will do much tu foster self-respect io a ehild. Some niothers think thuir souu and daugbters cao go where they chooso and play with whom they pleaíie, and come out all well in the end. There never was a greater mistake. As well uiight une think it no differeoce what air we breathe. Cbildren are quicker than we to catch the tone ut' associate, to piek up slang word-, had erammar, vulgar ideas- these ofteo seem to be taken in through the ver y porea, ns typhoid poison 8, when least expected. ()ire in the choice ot'reading will do much to foster due selfrespect in a ohild. The boy who grows up with a familiar knowledge ut' Washington, of Franklin, of Lincoln, and other great men who have been the glory ot' the nations in which thcy have been oonspieuouH, will be far more likely to find bis mind filled with noble images, with high ideáis, with lofty aiubitionh, thaq odo who readri Miiaational newnpapcrí, dime novela, and the comio almanac. Auy -oil that yield abundantly must contain in itself elementa of fertility, and barreo soil may have pleruents artiticially supplied to them.


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